The decorative shelf in my kitchen

The decorative shelf in my kitchen

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In addition to cupboards, high and low furniture, would this shelf in the kitchen be too much? Not at all. By discovering the following slideshow, you will see that there are many ways to make an ally of it to give charm and character to one of the most convivial rooms in the house.


Fly ### In this absolutely girly kitchen, not from head to toe but from floor to ceiling, a well-stocked shelf presides over the decor. To his credit: pretty boxes, decorative letters, cookbooks and other pink accessories…


Goal ### Graciously illuminated by LEDs, glass shelves are installed above the bar and the credenza, brilliantly staging, vases, bowls and other containers, sometimes transparent, sometimes stainless steel.


Goal ### Because it has a knack for displaying uncomplicated household appliances, a few accessories and pretty black vases on shelves overlooking the worktop, this kitchen seduces us visibly.


Lapeyre ### A beautiful tribute to nature in the kitchen thanks to a series of potted plants comfortably installed on multiple shelves.

Still natural

Goal ### Another example of potted plants wisely aligned on the shelves separating the kitchen from the garden. A naturally beautiful setting.


Goal ### In the idea of ​​accentuating the country style of this kitchen, two shelves above the worktop bravely accommodate glass bowls and a nice collection of teapots.


Goal ### In this kitchen with a total black look, a chic glass shelf stands out above the worktop. Some black salad bowls like the furniture are proudly displayed there, as if to accentuate the design mood of the room.


Aviva ### Well-ordered glasses and containers give this trio of light shelves a rare chic. It is perhaps even the very secret of elegance that reigns in this kitchen ...


Ikéa ### Superimposed one above the other, the shelves of this kitchen display a series of glass jars and spices for a more authentic look.