A functional room in 10 ideas

A functional room in 10 ideas

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Over time and for lack of space, the bedroom has become a multifunctional room. And to make it more functional, you can count on a few practical tips that we suggest you discover in pictures.

A desk against a wall

Ikea In this shared room, space is saved by installing the two desks against the wall so as to create a link between the two spaces and keep the surface for traffic.

A divided master bedroom

Ikea In this parental suite, the two spaces are divided in two with a sleeping area and a living room that can be defined with a curtain. It is a functional solution so as not to hinder the activity of your spouse.

Double furniture

Ikea To make your room practical, we adopt double furniture so that everyone has their own storage space. Here, for example, a wardrobe is placed on each side of the bed.

Concealed storage

Paragraph To optimize the storage of the bedroom, we opt for drawers that are installed under the bed to discreetly store bed linen and other household accessories. A real space saving.

Optimized furniture

Paragraph Why choose a simple headboard when you can choose a model that will also serve as storage like this one which can also be used as an extra bookcase.

Storage at the foot of the bed

Alinéa In hotels, the end of the bed is often accessorized with a bench. To gain storage space, we prefer to install a chest of drawers that will allow you to store additional clothes.

Custom storage

Leroy Merlin To make the room more functional, do not hesitate to use made-to-measure to maximize storage space, especially if the room has an under-slope.

A bedroom surrounded by storage

Purpose To optimize the bedroom, storage space can also be installed around the bed to create a practical unit.

Furniture on casters

But Finally, be aware that for an optimized room, you can also bet on furniture on casters that will allow you to adapt the room to your needs.