These wallpapers that set the walls in motion

These wallpapers that set the walls in motion

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Zebra, rectilinear, geometric, crocodile imitation or crumpled effect ... by daring wallpapers punctuated by offset patterns, the walls take on movement and allure. Discover 5 atmospheres where the walls are the masters of the game for an unusual rendering.

Crocodile wallpaper

Elitis ** After the handbags, the crocodile skin takes over the walls for a very contemporary look. Leather and fashion lovers should be fascinated. If the black bias gives here a resolutely sober tone, the wallpaper is available in 15 colors! **

Back to the future

Elitis ** This checkerboard of giant and colorful spheres transforms the room. Here is a shiny wall vinyl that highlights geometry and graphics in a very futuristic style. Most ? The apple green color that brightens up the walls, ideal for this summer season. **

Zebra patchwork

Elitis ** Halfway between wildness and design, the bedroom has a strong character. The secret ? Zebra-like squares assembled in all directions which highlight the animal's hair. Other fawn or animal versions are also available: foal, cow or leopard, the choice is yours. **

A crumpled wall

Elitis ** The crumpled paper effect is not only original but also gives an aesthetic style that surprises, intrigues, then fascinates. Coated with shiny varnish, this wallpaper with an extraordinary look also captures light. If you want original walls, here is an idea to take again… **