10 unusual rugs

10 unusual rugs

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The carpet is the ideal solution to dress a room, to improve the decoration or to create a special atmosphere. As soon as it is chosen to suit the room for which it is intended, an unusual rug with particular colors and shape can be used. We have selected for you some original rugs that will be all the rage in your interior.

An orange carpet

Laredoute Fall in love with this large orange carpet that will give pep and a certain character to your living room. No need to add decoration to your room: this rug is self-sufficient.

A zebra skin

Lodgecollection Designed in real zebra skin, in compliance with the Washington Convention, this unusual rug will delight all those who dream of exoticism and sunshine.

Crozatier's multicolored rug

Crozatier Why choose a plain and commonplace rug when you can brighten up your living room with this rug in warm, oriental colors offered by Crozatier?

An English carpet

Laredoute If you are an unconditional fan of our English neighbors, you will love this carpet in the colors of the Union Jack which will bring a touch * so British * to your living room or your bedroom.

Crozatier's purple carpet

Crozatier With its shades of mauve, this original carpet will perfectly dress a room with little decoration in light tones. Scatter a few purple elements (cushions in different parts of the room and voila.

Laredoute's wool rug

Laredoute Original because of its woven mesh appearance, this real wool rug will perfectly dress a room on the floor covered with parquet for a natural look and a more Zen atmosphere.

The Becquet jute rug

Spoiler Both simple and design, this woven vegetable fiber rug can be placed in the living room or in the bedroom to bring a warm and natural atmosphere.

The Maisons du monde leather carpet

Maisons du monde This very original leather rug can be chosen to give more character to a natural and authentic interior. Its brown colors will perfectly suit a male interior.

A fox in the room

Littlecabari To decorate and embellish the decor of a child's room, you can choose a rug with the image of an animal like this one. The other advantage? Your child will find it very funny!