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Maison et Objet: the most unusual creations seen at the show

Maison et Objet: the most unusual creations seen at the show

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Walking the aisles of hall 8 of the Maison et Objet lounge is often an opportunity to come face to face with completely unusual objects. The proof in pictures with our 10 favorites spotted this morning.

Tour de force!

Incredible these taps that seem to be suspended in the air. Like a magic trick, their author did not wish to reveal "the trick" to us. This does not prevent us from looking at the result with our child's eyes. //

Clean lighting

Before these two pieces of fine metal lit up, we asked ourselves a lot of questions about their usefulness. Here we are now well lit when their function! //

A drainer with a unique look

Original this drainer composed only of small peaks pointing upwards! Your plates as well as your glasses can dry there quietly without the risk of falling. //

A cozy nest

To bring a touch of originality to your interior or your garden, here is a hanging armchair, imagined like a little bird's nest, which will surprise more than one! //

A design piggy bank

Here is an object as decorative as practical which is likely to please young and old alike. This ultra contemporary wall piggy bank is a real favorite both for its originality and for its design. //

Small houses

Too cute these little houses that we imagine perfectly placed on a shelf or a sideboard to decorate. Except, it is in fact a salt shaker and an oil mill ... It's your table that will be happy! //

A desk mounted like a toy

You are not without knowing the Meccano construction games which little boys, especially, love! Well, rediscover your child's soul by mounting your desk, your chair or even your light in the same way as these famous toys designed in metal. //

Transport cases

These Seletti pieces of furniture give us the impression of giving new life to transport cases! They will certainly give a real note of originality to your interior decor! //

A 100% male valet

Made of wood and marble, this wall valet has been updated by Gaston and Nicholas, to make it an exceptional item in the male universe. We really like the result which especially intrigued us by discovering it! //


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