The new AM.PM collection to discover in pictures

The new AM.PM collection to discover in pictures

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AM.PM, the decoration brand of La Redoute, unveils its new collection for spring / summer 2014. On the program: clean lines and beautiful materials for chic and sharp atmospheres. All to discover in pictures.

Character colors

AM.PM For this season, the house has no shortage of colors! We adopt retro greens and deep blues to awaken the decor by touch. Chic decor guaranteed.

Retro tones

AM.PM The vintage trend remains in the house for the next season with retro lines. We adopt this leather sofa and this coffee table that is both design and vintage for a living room that gives pride of place to decorative history.

The spirit of nature still there

AM.PM The elements of natural decoration will always be in our interiors for next season as evidenced by these raw wood occasional furniture that will be installed in both the living room and in the bedroom.

Contrast play

AM.PM As for household linen, we dare a slight contrast by marrying soft colors and classic linen with a stronger decor element like a very graphic end of bed. A chic and daring mix.

The original industrial spirit

AM.PM Industrial atmospheres retain their place of choice but play the card of subtlety with a few strong elements. Here, the chairs and the character pendant highlight the wooden table.

Classic design

AM.PM For classic decorations but no less design, the lines are sleek and chic with a beautiful play of material between warm wood and textiles that soften the atmosphere while modernizing it.

Clean furniture

AM.PM The furniture plays the card of elegance by offering very clean lines which give it an airy side. We like the graphic game of very narrow furniture legs.

Graphic storage

AM.PM The storage units are also the subject of wall decoration like these shelves like tables which give a graphic style to the walls.

The Scandinavian spirit is confirmed

AM.PM The Scandinavian style will always be as decorative in the house and the famous standing buffet and its retro look will not fail to seduce again.


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