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Favorite for Jäll & Tofta

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Since 2010, this German design and decoration brand brings comfort and fantasy to all children's bedrooms. And behind this name, Jäll & Tofta, hides a duo of Berlin designers, Sina Gwosdzik and Jakob Dannenfeld, parents of two adorable boys. Inspired, they then imagined a collection which resembles them and which is part of an ethical and ecological approach. In addition, the contemporary universe does not spoil anything, for furniture as nice as fun!

The mobile Mr. Magic

Jäll & Tofta This five-piece mobile, very easy to assemble, is made from 100% recyclable paper. What delight the decor of the room of your little blond heads while respecting the environment and thus teaching him right now.

The Rocky extendable bed

Jäll & Tofta Key piece of the Jäll & Tofta collection, the Rocky bed is presented here in its very first version. Indeed, this 4 in 1 piece of furniture, with a futuristic design, adapts to the growth and needs of your child from a very young age. Here it is both a cradle and a rocking chair for parents.

The Rocky bed for older children

Jäll & Tofta And as the child grows, this bed can be turned over to create a new bed 140 cm long. The brand also sells the mattress with the adequate dimensions to adapt to it but also a "bedrail" for more security when the child remains young. You then remove it when the need is no longer felt. Smart!

The mobile Mr. Mustache

Jäll & Tofta Another mobile in the range, this one is for all mustache lovers. Available in seven brightly colored pieces, it is made of different materials that will awaken your child's senses. And its gold edition is just as chic and glamorous.

The Tick Tack clocks

Jäll & Tofta Children grow up so fast! So, for all toddlers who want to beat time, there are the Tick Tack learning clocks. Very practical to start reading the time, they are available in two versions - fingers or fish.

The Aye Aye blanket

Jäll & Tofta Adventurers, sailors and even pirates will love this soft, 100% cotton blanket. With its nautical style, it will accompany your children's games, whether it is simply there to warm up or whether it is taking part in a journey across the oceans.

Hatschi coat hooks

Jäll & Tofta Funny and colorful, these small nose-shaped racks with mustaches are the perfect friends for hanging your bags and coats. You place them where you want them to be your best allies against disorder. Sold in pairs, you choose the colors gray and turquoise, gray and yellow or sky blue and red.

The poster

Jäll & Tofta For the decoration of the nursery, we put on this superb poster drawn by the Berlin-based Nina Eggemann for Jäll & Tofta. It will perfectly complement an atmosphere made up of imagination and fantasy.

Färg Form's Moln set

Jäll & Tofta Finally, the site is also intended to be a reseller of certain classics in children's bedrooms such as this bed set from the Swedish label Färg Form, designed in 1967 by Gunilla Axèn. For a decoration of retro inspiration but always timeless.


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