The essentials for a romantic evening

The essentials for a romantic evening

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Sometimes it takes just a few things to spend a most romantic evening. A gesture, an atmosphere, a bouquet of flowers and you are quite simply thrilled. Whatever the budget, the main thing is the little touches and personalization of the evening. To avoid disasters, here are 10 essential things to know for a successful romantic evening.

A well laid table

Holeigh V. Photography For an exceptional evening, consider setting up a pretty table with romantic decor inspired by shabby chic. Soft colors, a table fireplace, beautiful dishes ... every detail counts for a breathtaking visual rendering.

Candles and candlesticks

Comptoir de Famille No question of lighting neon lights and cool colors for your romantic evening! We put on a cozy and warm atmosphere by the fireside, with candles and candlesticks all over the table.

Glasses of champagne

Style my pretty You still didn't think you were toast in plastic cups? Because nothing is too good for your other half, take out the bottle of champagne (to be consumed in moderation) and the associated glasses. We love this 1930s model that recalls the joyful and terribly romantic parties of Gatsby Le Magnifique. Source: Style my pretty

A bath filled with rose petals

A romantic evening is also an opportunity to unwind and relax with your loved one. Nothing better in this case than a good hot bath filled with flower petals. To complete this cozy atmosphere, consider adding small candles and / or tealight holders in the bathroom. Source: Save the deco

An attentive meal

Hello Darling The composition of the meal is essential for a successful romantic evening. Know that you do not need to prepare a gastronomic menu to impress the gallery, the important thing is to prepare a symbolic dish (for example his favorite dish) or visually very strong, like this pizza in heart whose recipe is found on the blog Hello darling. Source: Hello Darling

A gourmet dessert

Lilie Bakery And don't forget the dessert! Again, no need to prepare a piece-mounted, mini-pastries will work very well, if possible with whipped cream! Source: Lilie Bakery

A message of love

Restoration Hardware A little message will always please your dear and dear. We take advantage of this evening to write it on a pretty card or show it with bright letters. Source: Our loft

Sheer curtains around the bed

Ikea The dinner went well, you come out of the table and now head into the bedroom. And there, surprise, beautiful curtains await you for the romantic atmosphere.

Lanterns for an evening in the garden

Brico Marché Solliès Pont If you have the chance to spend your evening in your garden, consider accumulating lanterns and lanterns in different colors for a most romantic result.