Concrete in all rooms of the house

Concrete in all rooms of the house

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If it was first used as a structural element, concrete today has a strong decorative power. In the house, it can be used as a poured or coated floor as well as as a decorative wall or for elements such as the worktop, basins or showers. Here are some examples of using concrete in the home.

Concrete in the bathroom

Mercadier In the bathroom, we opt for a colored concrete coating which withstands without any problem splashing water and humidity. It can thus dress the walls and the formwork of your bathtub for a very original effect.

Concrete for the shower

Concrete can also be used as a structural element. In the bathroom, for example, concrete can create a shower space, whether on the floor or on the walls.

Concrete in the living room

Mercadier Concrete is also installed in the living room such as the living room. It then brings a very refined style thanks to its very smooth and homogeneous rendering. In a light shade, it allows to return the light of the room.

Concrete for the dining area

Mercadier The concrete floor can extend to the dining area where it will be easy to maintain thanks to a suitable layer of varnish.

Concrete in the kitchen

Mercadier Similarly, concrete adapts easily to the kitchen where it will not fear humidity and splashing. It even turns out to be a practical floor.

Concrete for the worktop

Mercadier Still in the kitchen, concrete does not only stick to the floor but it can also be used as a material for the worktop. You will thus be able to create a real continuity with the ground.

Concrete on the stairs

Mercadier Concrete can really be installed in all rooms of the house and this even in passage rooms such as corridors or stairs.

Concrete for the pool

Mercadier Be aware that you can also use concrete for exterior elements such as the swimming pool where you can create structures to make an infinity pool for example.