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Design by O: creations to discover

Design by O: creations to discover

** Design by O is a brand that was born from Charlotte Arnal and Francis Fevre. Since 1992, the two designers have been working together on the creation of products that are as practical as they are modern. Design By O is constantly evolving to always offer creations in tune with the times and in keeping with current trends. To discover the brand, and the work of Charlotte Arnal and Francis Fevre, here are 10 of their creations. **

The knife holder

Design by O The King Arthur knife holder by Design by O brings color and a bit of originality to your kitchen. It is nonetheless very practical!

The wooden table

Design by O Sober, dark and irregular, the Design by O wooden table is an asset of choice for those who wish to create a trendy and contemporary decor.

The Léon table

Design by O The tables in the Léon collection are available in different sizes and different colors. Let your imagination run wild, the Léon table will match your desires.

The Lulu table

Design by O The Lulu table by Design by O is colorful and full of pep's. Available in different sizes and colors, it can also be combined with a Lulu shelf.

The Odile table

Design by O The Odile table shines with its sobriety. It adapts wonderfully in a quirky decor or a contemporary decor. The simplicity of the design allows it to be in harmony with your furniture.

The cube lamp

Design by O The Toto Cube lamp is a particularly successful creation. On a piece of furniture or on the floor, the lamp easily finds its place and its function.

A contemporary vase

Design by O For a modern decor and breathtaking floral presentations, Design by O invites you to discover this resolutely contemporary vase.

Another vase

Design by O Another vase, another creation Design by O! This model is also sober and modern. It keeps its function of vase and allows you all the eccentricities.


Design by O The zouzou vases are an original and colorful creation by Design by O. In the same collection, you will find the zouzou lamps.