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10 gift ideas for men to make for Valentine's Day

10 gift ideas for men to make for Valentine's Day

What gift should you give your loved one on Valentine's Day? This question, all those who are in a relationship have necessarily asked themselves one day. So for lovers out of inspiration, here are 10 gift ideas for a successful Valentine's Day.

A photo box

The DIY Village A personal and super original gift: the small photo box. Easy and quick to make, it will certainly please your loved one who will take pleasure in rediscovering, every day, the photos of the pretty couple you are forming. * Source: The DIY Village *

A message frame

Your Life My Design We love the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese two simple frames to make. All you need is a sheet of paper and markers to create a unique and charming message for your lover! * Source: Etsy *

A recovered keychain

Rock Candy Vintage Another cool idea: a wooden keychain engraved with your initials. All you have to do is find a nice log! * Source: Etsy *

Homemade aftershave

A fresh legacy Tired of your half aftershave, let yourself be tempted by the DIY aftershave by following this recipe step by step, seen on the blog at Fresh Legacy. Natural and without chemicals, we love it! * Source: A fresh legacy *

Personalized coupons

Little Blue Market All means are good to demonstrate to the chosen one of his heart that we love him! With this funny book consisting of coupons to personalize you are ready to prove to him, every day of the year, how much you love him and what you are able to do for him. Something to give the shyest of us ideas! * Source: Etsy *

A customized beer pack

At scrap of time Ha beers! If there is one thing that our men love it is they! For Valentine's Day, please him and surprise him by customizing his favorite beer pack. Mini budget, maximum effect! * Source: A scrap of time *

A well-inspired card game

Visual heart Expressing your love to your chosen one and knowing how to find the right words is not always easy. Fear of being clumsy, problem of shyness ... that's the solution: a deck of cards turned into a little sweet note book. We crack! * Source: Buzzfeed *

A DIY frame

Queen B Creative me Why not opt, this year, for a symbolic gift that will alone sum up the different stages you have gone through together. If you are tempted, take a frame, colored paper and cut out in a card the places where you met, and where you got married ... A gift full of love that will seduce the most romantic. * Source: Queen B Creative me *

Yoda's card

Tiny Bee Cards And we end this selection with a Yoda card, ideal for the potential nerd or for the lover of the famous film "Star Wars". A nice way to tell your loved one how important it is. * Source: Etsy *