My mottled lounge

My mottled lounge

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The decor for a mottled lounge. We play with the recovered and flea market spirit. And we stay in tune with the times, giving a second life to abandoned objects: decoration is green!

Brushed lamp

Ikéa We have fun with the materials and we find a brushed metal lamp like at Ikéa. We place it subtly in a corner of the living room to highlight the rest of the decor. Metal is trendy and plays with light.

Raw wood table

Ikea We regularly find in flea markets, wooden tables, whether they are in good or bad condition, we must take the plunge. If you have a little time and patience, don't hesitate to give it a facelift by sanding it. Otherwise, we leave it its charm of yesteryear and we play the vintage card, just as attractive anyway.

Carpet elsewhere

Ikea Carpets from elsewhere are honored in all stores. We choose it new or used according to his tastes and he dresses the room in all cases. Oriental, ethnic, long or short pile, patterned or plain carpet ... you will inevitably find your happiness.

Industrial chairs

Irèneirène The mottled spirit is also to be found in New York loft inspirations where metal and industrial furniture were kings. Here, we repeat the operation with four metal chairs that give a vintage look to the room.

Leather clubs

Maison du monde The club armchair owes its name to its comfort as opposed to the "stylish" armchair, which is straighter and less enveloping. It was also found in the "clubs" of French and English gentlemen of the time. In aged leather, it will create a flea market atmosphere in no time.


Maison du monde Many brands play the vintage card by taking up certain flagship models of design. At Maison du monde, you can play with colors and shapes to find yourself propelled into the pop years. Mottled spirit guaranteed.

Sea side

Maison du monde To rediscover the holiday atmosphere, feet in the water, the taste of salt… we choose this low buffet that reminds us of summers with family at the water's edge. Associated with a metal lamp and a vintage chair, it combines all the advantages for a successful decoration.

Color decoration

Maison du monde The metal chairs also combine in colors and that's good. We can then create real compositions with an established color code. Or, on the contrary, play the eclecticism card and choose all the colors. The mottled lounge becomes more fun.

Keep its secrets

Pascal Amoyel / Irèneirène In a corner of the living room, you can install a personal office area, where vintage and good taste are at the rendezvous. We take this opportunity to store the documents lying around, we also place the television or the computer in order to preserve the aesthetics of yesteryear once closed.


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