The small appliance to offer

The small appliance to offer

Getting Christmas presents is often a source of stress. We don't know what to offer or how to please. And if this year you bet on household appliances. The latter has been renewed and today offers design and originality. To get ideas and be sure to please, here is our selection of 10 small household appliances to offer during these Christmas holidays.

Delight machine

Gablemere The Gablemere brand offers this machine which allows you to make cupcakes and muffins of all kinds. The ideal gift for pastry lovers.

Chocolate fountain

Simeo Food lovers will be spoiled! Under the tree, this year, they will find a chocolate fountain. The extra thing? An assortment of chocolate to use the machine as quickly as possible!

A waffle iron love

Bestron A waffle maker is good, but a waffle maker that makes heart-shaped waffles is better! Then fall for this model signed Bestron.

Atmosphere lamp

Philips Atmosphere lamps are design objects that bring a zen touch to your home. It is therefore an ideal gift for these festivities. Our favorite ? The Philips mood lamp.


Simeo Back in the past or travel to the heart of a fun fair, cotton candy fills us with happiness and memories. This machine is therefore an excellent gift idea for young and old alike.

What else?

Nespresso It is not only for the handsome Georges Clooney that we love Nespresso. The machines offered are designer, and the coffees delicious.

All in curls

Babyliss Need an idea for feminine gifts? Flirtatious girls and women will love the new Babyliss Perfect Curl loop machine.

Special T

Mademoiselle Paris Tea lovers will be delighted by the Special T machine. To complete the surprise, consider offering a discovery box.


Bières du Monde Beer lovers all dream of a machine that would allow them to have well-made and fresh pressure at home. A dream you can fulfill with this beer dispenser.