Facing stone for installations in the garden

Facing stone for installations in the garden

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In the garden, the facing stone can allow you to carry out very beautiful arrangements which will not fail to enhance your space. Vegetable garden, fountain or barbecue, the choice is yours.

A pleasant terrace

Orsol The facing stone can also be used to define a terrace by creating a space below. You can also create a bar area using stone to better arrange your terrace.

Tubs for the vegetable patch

Orsol If you want to cultivate a vegetable garden without it taking precedence over your garden, you can opt for squares delimited with facing stones. Do not hesitate to create several bins according to your cultures. They will not fail to architect the garden.

Demarcate the garden

Orsol You can use the facing stone to delimit your garden space with an aisle or your flower beds. To do this, create a small low wall that will integrate easily with the vegetation of your garden.

A barbecue in the garden

Orsol If you are a fan of outdoor lunches around a good barbecue, do not hesitate to use stone to create a fixed and permanent barbecue in your garden. It will then serve as an outdoor kitchen.

A fence wall

Orsol To close your garden aesthetically, use stone to create a low wall that will define the space of your property. Depending on its color, the stone can then perfectly match the color of your house.

A pillar in the garden

Orsol Whether to put a decorative accessory in the garden, define a space or create an alley, the pillars of the garden can be made of stone to give them a more natural look.

A highlighted basin

Orsol Finally, if you have a natural pool or pool, you will be able to enhance it with stone. It will be used both at the edge and to create a passage on the water.


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