DIY wedding: 30 ideas for an original photobooth

DIY wedding: 30 ideas for an original photobooth

Perfume of yesteryear

Christian Cruz

Immerse your guests in a poetic universe, a bit nostalgic and let them succumb to the charm of yesteryear with a vintage-inspired photobooth. Vintage furniture, an old typewriter or a travel trunk and voila! One watchword, solo, couple or group, smile and be fun! * Source: Ruffled Blog *

Accessories from another time

My photobooth

And, to complete your vintage decor, don't forget pretty fun and quirky accessories that will humorously disguise birthday parties or trendy photobooth. All you have to do is pose! * Source: My photobooth *

Paper rosettes

Krista Lee Photography

At the editorial office, we fell in love with these pretty paper rosettes, perfect for decorating a Photobooth background. Open each rosette and stick them one by one to the wall with double-sided tape. All simply magnificent ! * Source: Wedding chicks *

The art of personalization

Junebug weddings

You will understand, to make an original Photobooth that will remain etched in our memories, the idea is to play the card of personalization. Thus, make available to your guests slates, or better still pieces of cardboard cut out in the shape of a comic bubble so that they write messages that they will send to you while posing. * Source: Junebug weddings *


Aimee McAuley Photography

Make a remarkable entry on the day of your union with this decor of Photobooth made of slate. Its more? Using chalk, each of your guests can, at leisure, write little words for the bride and groom. * Source: Wedding chicks *

Sweet heart

Poppi Photo

A simple, poetic and airy photobooth made with garlands in the shape of hearts. A romantic idea without making gnan-gnan either! * Source: Happiness Days *


Nathalie Roux Photography - Love Ala

We love the idea of ​​this very simple Polaroid Photobooth. All you need is a large sheet of paper cut in the center, you write the names of the lovers and the date of the wedding, and here is a unique, original and charming Photobooth. * Source: Nathalie Roux Photography - DIY Weddings mag *

A curtain of ribbons

Michaela Noelle designs

Mini budget maxi effect for this feminine and romantic Photobooth decor, made from pieces of multicolored ribbons. Seduced? Direction the sewing machine! * Source: Michaela Noelle designs *

Choice of decor

The Bird & The Bear - The girl creative

You can also make a superb background yourself using satin ribbons and other fabrics of your choice, which you will fix between them with a simple knot or staples and which you will hang on a rigid support, like a curtain rod. * Sources: Wedding chicks & The girl creative *

Balloon: a swollen decoration

Weddbook - Snapen

Fall back for an evening in childhood with this Photobooth made from balloons hanging in the air using wires. Do not hesitate to mix sizes, shapes, colors or prints for more originality. * Source: Weddbook & Snapen *


100 layer cake - David Pla fotografo

Know that you can create an original decor, fun and inexpensive very easily. The trick? The wallpaper ! Chevron print for a retro Photobooth or floral pattern for a country atmosphere, it's up to you! * Source: Indulgy & David Pla fotografo *

A sequin wall decor

Oh happy day

Long live the glitter, long live the rhinestones and long live the sequins in the decor! If the approach of the holidays makes you want to shine brightly and you want to give a little magical air to your party decoration, the idea is to opt for a sequin wall decor. Whimsical and sparkling, it will inevitably have a little effect. Seduced? Come and discover step by step the tutorial unearthed on the blog Oh happy day. * Source: Oh happy day *


Refinery 29 - The excited bride

A wall of sparkling golden garlands is a nice idea for lovers of romance, looking for a magical and idyllic setting. We almost want more! * Sources: Refinery 29 & The excited bride *


Allison Andres

A graphic setting with a little acrylic paint and a canvas of paper. Neither complicated constructions, nor need for too much space, this DIY is really easy to realize. Mini efforts for maximum effect! * Source: A practical wedding *

Frames to play with the goal

Ashlee Hamon Photography - Orchard ridge farms

Like the sunglasses, sombreros, hats and other mustaches, the frames are not to be outdone! Indoors or outdoors, the idea is to choose frames of different shapes and colors and hang them. Placed at different heights, they can be used by adults as well as by children. * Source: Style me pretty & Orchard ridge farms *

A wall of frames

Elodie Ciriani - 100 Layer cake

In the same spirit, you can also think of a wall of frames made by you. And to complete the decor, don't forget to have a soft armchair and a coffee table. * Sources: Wedding chicks & 100 Layer cake *

Chic nature atmosphere


Each theme has its Photobooth decor. For an elegant and chic wedding, the idea is to use a recycled wooden palette and combine it with more classic elements such as a pedestal table with a weathered appearance and an old armchair. * Source: Pinterest *


Brooklyn bride

Special mention for this original and unusual Photobooth as imagined using a simple bed and comfortable cushions. Take care not to fall asleep! * Source: Brooklyn bride *


Apple brides - Style me pretty

Another nice idea: these two wooden Photobooth decorations decorated with elegant and graphic inscriptions that will easily find their place during a rustic or country wedding. For more effect, do not forget to have here and there a few bales of hay. * Source: The bridal detective *

Two in one

Tammy Horton

Blow of heart for this very practical decoration which acts, at the same time, of Photobooth and ceremony decoration. White paper and a black pen to write love words and voila! * Source: Style me pretty *

A dedicated space

Elyse Hall Photography - The Rasers

To give your photobooth a touch of intimacy, you can very well set it up in a decorative tent. * Source: Style me pretty & Wedding chicks *


Wishahmon - Sunflower productions

Do you have old curtains and a rod? Perfect ! These two elements will allow you in the simplest way possible to make yourself a poetic and romantic Photobooth at low cost. Also decorate it with delicate flowers. * Source: Buzzfeed & Mary xoxo *

So romantic!


The most creative will decorate their decor with an old sofa, a coffee table, a trunk, a bedside table ... The idea: create a poetic and romantic atmosphere where your guests will enjoy posing. * Source: Indulgy *

Vitamin decor

Lara Hotz

You love color above all, here are three solutions to combine or not, according to your desires, for a punchy Photobooth full of flavors: vitamin ribbons, a delicate suspension of flowers or exotic roses, ideal for an oriental wedding. Now it's up to you to make your choice! * Source: Ruffled blog *


Allie Rae Photography

Conversely, lovers of white, synonymous with purity and freshness, bet on this sublime aerial decor made from wire, paper and a good dose of patience! * Source: Style me pretty *

Chic picnic in the countryside

The bride's cafe

We love this pretty decor, small chic picnic in the countryside. A pretty tablecloth, a few hanging frames, a suitcase, old books ... it's up to you! * Source: The bride's cafe *


Bound by photography

It is certainly not an idea of ​​Photobooth itself, but what would be a successful photo animation without adequate signage? Now that the catch-up session is over, it's your turn! * Source: Boho weddings *

Funny DIY accessories


As for accessories, roll up your sleeves and opt for models designed with your own hands. False mustaches with felt, glasses with wire, mouths cut out of cardboard to hold on a skewer… everything is possible! One word, however: boldness! * Source: Indulgy *

Costumes and disguises

Anne sage

And finally, what would be a successful Photobooth without costumes suited to the theme of your evening. Dandy chic for a retro wedding, wacky disguises wearing hats or wigs ... everything is possible provided you respect the dress code. Source: Anne sage