50 decorative ideas for a romantic wedding

50 decorative ideas for a romantic wedding

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Powdery colors, little hearts here and there, roses hanging or installed in the center of the table, sweets for lovers, there are many ideas for making a wedding decor on the romantic theme. The proof in pictures with our 50 ideas discovered on Pinterest.

Chinese lanterns

The Glow Company - Ruffled How romantic these hundreds of Chinese lanterns take flight at dusk. We get the idea for our wedding, don't you? Sources: The Glow Company & Ruffled

LOVE in full

Naomi Kenton Photography - Style Me Pretty To shout your love to all your guests, we suggest that you install in your decor large wooden or metal letters "LOVE". Sources: Naomi Kenton Photography & Style Me Pretty

Heart shaped balloons

Style Me Pretty Pink or white, heart-shaped balloons are real allies in a romantic themed decor. We do not hesitate to dare in number! Source: Style Me Pretty

Letters on the cake

Style Me Pretty The wedding cake also has fun with the famous LOVE letters, mounted on small wooden picks. Charming ! Source: Style Me Pretty

Mini glitter bottles

Style Me Pretty This is a great gift idea for your guests! Cover mini bottles of champagne with golden and pink glitter and add a little heart for the decorative aspect. We are under the spell… Source: Style Me Pretty

Candy pink macaroons

Style Me Pretty There is no question of the guests leaving without a little treat on the theme of marriage. We fell for the little candy pink macaroons that we presented fixed with a small string. Source: Style Me Pretty

A message jar

Style Me Pretty Hanging from a little red thread: a message of love and a little heart to decorate everything. This will have a small effect on your table decor, we do not doubt it! Source: Style Me Pretty

Hanging rose petals

Style Me Pretty Hang pastel rose petals in elegant glass balls to create a magical and romantic setting. Easy to carry out, this decorative idea is likely to please more than one guest! Source: Style Me Pretty

A bright sky

The Bride in Anger - Huffington Post With a set of light bulbs or garlands, you can imagine a ceiling lit up like a starry sky. This is romantic to perfection! Sources: The Angry Bride & Huffington Post

Light garlands on the trees

The Trendy Sparrow - Modwedding Another tip with the light garlands: wrap them around the tree trunks to enjoy a romantic decor outside after dark. Source: The Trendy Sparrow & Modwedding

Candles and petals in the aisle

Fanny Poulmane - Colin Cowie Weddings Candles and rose petals get along wonderfully in the aisle of your romantic themed ceremony, don't you think? Sources: Fanny Poulmane & Colin Cowie Weddings

D-Day date on trunks

Gia Canali - Exquisite Girl Like young lovers who engrave their date of meeting on the tree trunks, you can bet on the idea by writing the date of your ceremony instead. Sources: Gia Canali & Exquisite Girl

A classic style chandelier

Weddings by Lilly - Charleston Wedding Photographer What a great idea to dare a beautiful classic style chandelier outdoors! In addition to being original, it brings a real touch of romanticism. Sources: Weddings by Lilly & Charleston Wedding Photographer

A romantic swing

First Avenue Wedding Favors - Style Me Pretty Fancy a romantic swing in your wedding decor? Just add bouquets or garlands of fresh flowers on an elegant wooden model. Sources: First Avenue Wedding Favors & Style Me Pretty

Chairs decorated with flowers

Style Me Pretty Classic style chairs, garlands of flowers to decorate them, signs to indicate the location of the bride and groom, it was enough to get a romantic atmosphere at the table. Source: Style Me Pretty

Candles in the air

Modwedding Thanks to a system of glass balls that are suspended from the ceiling, your candles seem to float in the air and create a most romantic decor. Source: Modwedding

Lace on the cakes

Modwedding To add a touch of charm to your romantic themed wedding cakes, we suggest adding a few lace ribbons. We love the result! Source: Modwedding

Small jars of jam

Ruffled - Buzz Feed A real treat for the eyes, these little jars of jam will undoubtedly please your guests! Sources: Ruffled & Buzz Feed

A romantic candy bar

Aurore Pogliano - Wedding Sparrow The candy bar, very fashionable in today's wedding decor, plays with pastel treats and old containers to answer the romantic theme! Sources: Aurore Pogliano & Wedding Sparrow

A floral table runner

Modwedding Sublime this table runner which has entirely bet on a floral composition in shades of pink! He alone creates the decor, you just need to accompany it with a few candles. Source: Modwedding

A flowered bird cage

Desirae Gooding Photography - Colin Cowie Weddings These little bird cages with elegant bouquets of flowers are so cute. On the table or on the floor, the result is sublime! Sources: Desirae Gooding Photography & Colin Cowie Weddings

Pockets full of love

At Little Polkadot You do not know what to store the small gifts that you will offer to your guests? And why not these glittery pockets with a pretty little pink heart? Source: A Little Polkadot

A flowered fountain

Style Me Pretty - Ruffled If you are lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful stone fountain in the garden of your reception venue, don't forget it! Pretty pastel bouquets will do! Sources: Style Me Pretty & Ruffled

A very soft ceiling

Style Me Pretty To decorate your ceiling in the theme, we suggest you mix flower pompoms in pale colors and Chinese balls in more natural colors. Source: Style Me Pretty

Embossed roses

Style Me Pretty We fell in love with this tablecloth on which the roses are displayed in relief! In addition to creating the decor, we are sure that it will surprise your guests! Source: Style Me Pretty

A knot to hold the tablecloth

Style Me Pretty To give a chic note to your table, you can perfectly maintain the tablecloth (previously chosen in pink with pretty white satin ribbons. Source: Style Me Pretty

A romantic photobooth

Wedding Chicks - Burnetts Boards A set of old doors, a series of old frames, here is what to create two photobooth perfect for your romantic wedding decor. Sources: Wedding Chicks & Burnetts Boards

A table plan on a grid

Wedding Chicks Here is an idea that we do not hesitate to reproduce if we have a nice wrought iron grid in the reception garden: fix the table plan with small strings. Source: Wedding Chicks

A pink veil on the table runner

Wedding Chicks Like a bridal veil, this piece of candy pink fabric is installed to create a most romantic table runner. The result is full of sweetness. Source: Wedding Chicks

A pale pink satin tablecloth

Wedding Chicks Accompanying your pink satin tablecloths with pretty bouquets of flowers arranged in old wooden boxes can prove to be a very good idea for a romantic decoration! The proof in pictures. Source: Wedding Chicks

Romantic dishes

Style Me Pretty We fell in love with these retro flowered plates and pink glasses that lend themselves perfectly to the game of romantic table decor. Source: Style Me Pretty

A lace table runner

Style Me Pretty Lace also finds pride of place in your wedding decor in the form of an elegant table runner. What finesse! Source: Style Me Pretty

A ribbon for the table plan

Style Me Pretty Do you need a good idea for your table plan? Attach your small boxes on a large candy pink ribbon and hang everything on the branches of the trees. Source: Style Me Pretty

A romantic lounge area

Style Me Pretty A pretty classic pale pink bench, two antique glass chandeliers, Louis XV style chairs, here are all the ingredients to create a romantic outdoor seating area. Source: Style Me Pretty

A big heart in pompoms

Style Me Pretty If you have the soul of a handyman, you can also start making this big heart made of pink pompoms. You can then fix it on the wall or put it on a table. Source: Style Me Pretty

Fabrics on the chairs

Elegant Wedding Invites - Linens Things and More To dress your chairs in a romantic way, we suggest you play with fabrics. With a little imagination, you can also achieve truly original effects. Sources: Elegant Wedding Invites & Linens Things and More

Big pink balloons

Elegant Wedding Invites - Umla These large balloons, which remind us of the famous movie Up there, bring a real touch of good humor to the decor. We choose them of course in a gradient of pink so as not to denote! Sources: Elegant Wedding Invites & Umla

An illuminated path

Inspired by this - Intimate Weddings We love the paths lined with small candles to romantically direct your guests to the dinner place. Sources: Inspired by this & Intimate Weddings

Rose petals on the aisle

Colin Cowie Weddings The aisle of your ceremony also dreams of a romantic atmosphere? Easy ! You don't have to sprinkle thousands of rose petals in pastel colors. Source: Colin Cowie Weddings

Glasses of rosé champagne

Wedding Chicks - Her Campus The rosé champagne alone is a great idea to add charm to the table decor. The tip to remember: add golden glitter on the edge of the glass for a more glamorous result! Sources: Wedding Chicks & Her Campus

Pink lemonade

Southern Weddings - The Pretty Blog For your guests who do not drink alcohol, you can also offer delicious pink lemonade. Sources: Southern Weddings & The Pretty Blog

Wrought iron chairs

Style Me Pretty Very elegant and a bit romantic, white wrought iron is undoubtedly a material to dare in a wedding! In chairs, tables, benches, it's up to you ... you just have to decorate them with a few flowers. Source: Style Me Pretty

Lace doilies

Girl at the Beach - Magnolia Rouge After the table runner, you can also adopt elegant lace doilies embroidered on your table. We are a fan of the result! Sources: Girl at the Beach & Magnolia Rouge

Natural hearts

Weddingomania - Bridal Musings Made with flowers or with small wooden branches, these natural hearts are ideal in a romantic themed wedding decor! Sources: Weddingomania & Bridal Musings

Petals as confetti

Style Me Pretty - Junebug Weddings For your romantic wedding, you can replace traditional rice or lavender with light rose petals. Once discarded, they will create a very soft atmosphere. Sources: Style Me Pretty & Junebug Weddings

DIY candle jars

Julia Bé - Aurore Au Sucre To give a more romantic style to your glass jars or candle jars, you just have to stick pretty white lace! Sources: Julia Bé & Aurore Au Sucre

A peony in the plates

Style Me Pretty Chic, fresh, soft, the peony also takes its place in the table decor, slipped into the plates! Source: Style Me Pretty

A classic style chandelier

Ba Dushka - Helen Flont French illustrator Also think of classic style chandeliers to decorate your table. Silver or gold, they add a touch of luxury, without overdoing it! Sources: Ba Dushka & Helen Flont French illustrator

A floral table plan

Style Me Pretty To add a romantic touch to your table plan made with a wooden support and string: add a few garlands of flowers. Source: Style Me Pretty