Contemporary mountain decor

Contemporary mountain decor

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For 20 years now, Angel des Montagnes has embodied an art of living inspired by the mountains and its values. Today, the French brand is blowing a wind of modernity on its collections by offering decorative objects and authentic linens with a touch of contemporary without ever neglecting the know-how and the materials. Presentation in pictures.

Cows in the bathroom

Sebastien Veronese In your mountain decor, the cows invite themselves into the bathroom with this tooth glass and this soap dispenser with a sepia print totally in tune with the times.

Contemporary cowhide

Pierre Dominique Brunet In the shape of a heart or in the shape of a cross on the cushions, as decoration around the candle holders, cowhide is reinventing itself in a much more contemporary spirit to offer a touch of modernity to our warm interiors.

Warm plaids

Sebastien Veronese What would a mountain decor be without woolen blankets that accompany us everywhere in the house? We love these gray and white models that have fun with tiles, polka dots or even the houndstooth pattern.

Curtains that warm windows

Pierre Dominique Brunet To warm the windows of your "mountain" atmosphere living room, we recommend these warm wool curtains in natural colors.

Natural atmosphere bed linen

Pierre Dominique Brunet To keep the mountain chalet spirit in the bedroom, daring colors should not be dared for bed linen. We played it natural with pretty light gray duvet covers.

A glass bell

Sebastien Veronese Too cute, this glass bell which conserves your sweet treats and cheeses with a lot of chic. Its little extra that seduces us: its authentic cord, a real asset to the charm of the object!

A star on the cushion

Sebastien Veronese Embellished with a pretty star skin, this cushion in natural colors will delight perfectly in an interior with a contemporary chalet style!

A deer head at the table

Sebastien Veronese There is no winter decoration without a deer's head, do you agree with us? Angel des Montagnes understood this well by offering these wine glasses right on target!

Cushions for all tastes

Sebastien Veronese Sofa in the living room, armchair in the entrance, bedroom for children or older children, the brand made in French mountains offers a multitude of cushions for all decorative desires.