Cast Line de Beko by Patricia Urquiola

Cast Line de Beko by Patricia Urquiola

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For its new range of kitchen appliances, the Beko brand has teamed up with Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola to create Cast Line. An oven, a wall hood and 6 cooktops have emerged. Presentation in pictures of these household appliances which will integrate perfectly in your kitchens thanks to sober colors and design shapes.

An innovative built-in oven

Beko This oven offers a clean design specific to Patricia Urquiola with its simple and geometric handle that blends perfectly with the decor of modern kitchens. The little extra: its sensitive control commands!

Professional functions

Beko This oven offers a capacity of 75 liters, a cold door, a 4D multifunction, semi-professional cooking quality, a Maxi LCD screen, 13 cooking programs and also accessories: grills, drip pan or baking tray. Price: 1000 euros.

A decorative wall hood

Beko The Cast Line decorative hood changes from the usual form of kitchen hoods. Its cast iron color and its integrated shelf give it a modern style. It has 4 speeds, LED lighting and a front control by sensitive keys. Practical and aesthetic, we say yes!

A fully-fledged piece of furniture

Beko Designed like a tall kitchen cabinet, the hood fits perfectly into the rest of the room. Price: 1,200 euros

A hob with 5 gas fireplaces

Beko Patricia Urquiola has also designed a range of stainless steel and cast iron cooktops. It has five gas fireplaces. Price: 800 euros

A hob with 3 gas fireplaces

Beko This stainless steel cooktop consists of 3 gas fireplaces (30 cm wide). It exists in black version. Price: 400 euros

A hob with 4 gas fireplaces

Beko This, also in stainless steel, has 4 double crown fireplaces for a total power of 7,400 watts. Price: 800 euros

A 3-burner induction cooktop

Beko The induction tables imagined by Patricia Urquiola are part of this search for beauty, down to the detail of the fireplaces, delimited by tone-on-tone black rays. This induction cooktop has 3 induction fireplaces for a total power of 7,200 watts. With 3 Boosters, 3 Timers, Stop and Go function, memory function. Price: 700 euros

A 4-burner induction cooktop

Beko This second induction hob consists of 4 induction hobs (60 cm wide) for a total power of 7,200 W. With 4 Boosters and 4 Timers. Price: 800 euros.


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