10 recipes for Christmas Eve

10 recipes for Christmas Eve

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If Christmas is children's day, the little ones do not savor the subtlety of the dishes on the Christmas Eve table with as much pleasure as adults. But it is not because they disdain smoked salmon, foie gras and seafood that they have to wait for Santa Claus in front of a plate of shells! The proof by 10 with this easy and poetic Christmas menu, which will make your family New Year's Eve truly unforgettable!

A baby reindeer for the eve of the little ones!

Cute food for kids Even babies are entitled to a Christmas menu! Transform their bowl of organic mash, rice or quinoa into a funny baby reindeer with two eyes in peas, a funny nose in cherry tomato and deer antlers in sausages ... Too much cabbage!

A Japanese Christmas with a bento of elves

Ameba Do your children like sushi? Compose a Japanese Christmas menu with this creative bento presented in a pretty box that already looks like a gift ... After having rolled the vinegar rice balls, dress them with the skin of a cucumber cut into strips, leaves of mint, an "unfolded" orange surimi, strips of chicken ham, carrot sticks…

A fir in cheese cubes

Cookies and cups For a colorful buffet that will appeal to children and adults alike, prepare a Christmas tree with cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes. Alternate strips of gruyere, tomato and mimolette cubes and separate them with branches of fresh aromatic herbs (chives, parsley, etc.). And above all, don't forget to decorate your work with a beautiful Christmas star!

Santa Claus in Babybel!

Pinterest But how cute are these Santa Claus with their little red hats! To be sure to please your children, prepare them in advance by cutting the shell of the famous red cheese and fixing the nose and eyes (in olive) with toothpicks ... At the last moment, add the beard and the pompom with fresh whipped cheese and prick them on skewers to devour them like a lollipop…

We want funny penguins!

Cuddly toys in my purse While waiting for the big log, here is a balanced Christmas dessert made with bananas and just a little chocolate ... Just melt a few squares of pastry chocolate, soak the fruit (in depending on the model) and add smarties to make feet, beak and eyes ... So funny that even your teens will ask for more! Source: Cuddly toys in my handbag

Strawberries disguise themselves as Christmas elves

Pixabay Okay, strawberries in December are a bit like snow in summer, it's not really in season… But the fact remains that we fall in love with these elves who seem bundled up in their red coats and that we would like to make a bite of it… with whipped cream!

Snowman shaped lollipops

Cook simply They are not beautiful these snowmen in chamallow, with their Basque berets and their red scarves? Perfect for decorating the table as well as making little gourmets wait (it's not every Christmas), they are made with 3 marshmallows strung on a skewer and candies… Yum! Source: Simply cook

A cake to wait for Santa Claus

Aurélie's hobbies And for dessert, why not change the endless chocolate log by making a humorous cake yourself like this? The house is assembled with two cakes and simply covered with sugar paste… Bon appétit! Recipe found on Aurélie's hobbies

What to give children to drink at Christmas?

Pinterest Ah, and then we were going to forget… While the grown-ups toast with champagne flutes (in moderation, obviously!), The children also want to drink something else on New Years Eve! Don't forget to personalize cardboard cups and prepare funny water bottles on the buffet with pipe cleaner wire and funny eyes! Guaranteed success!


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