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H&M Home: discover the spring-summer 2015 collection

H&M Home: discover the spring-summer 2015 collection

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Spotlight on the new products for summer presented by H&M Home! This new collection, imagined around four universes: contemporary, playful, luxury and graphic colors offers us a multitude of decorative objects for all styles and all decorative desires. Presentation in pictures with our 10 favorites.

Small glass jars

H&M Home To gently store your jewelry, we suggest these pretty glass boxes with a retro look. For more originality, you can also use it as candle holders. 5.99 euros

Graphic bed linen!

H&M Home Colorful, graphic, the bed linen will be cheerful and dynamic as soon as the warm weather arrives and that's great! From 24.99 euros

Copper candle

H&M Home There is no question of forgetting copper this summer! With this pretty candle designed by H&M Home, add a warm note to your decor. 4.99 euros

A fringed tablecloth

H&M Home Original this tablecloth with fringes which makes us travel to the Caribbean barely installed on the table. We add some notes of greenery, and the summer holidays are already here! 29.99 euros

Natural ambiance

H&M Home With this rug designed in jute and cotton, nothing could be easier to give a natural atmosphere to your living room! We add a coffee table in raw wood, and voila! 29.99 euros

Green peas

H&M Home Timeless, peas are invited this summer on the ruffled cushions in an original golden color. Romantic little girl's room, graphic living room, adopt it! 9.99 euros

Wooden crates

H&M Home Imagined like boxes for transporting fruit or vegetables, these wooden boxes will find a special place in the kitchen. We love ! 12.99 euros

A practical basket

H&M Home With its ethnic touch, it's hard not to be charmed by this basket with black stripes graphics. Installed next to the sofa, it can also accommodate magazines or throws when you no longer need them. 14.99 euros

Herringbone on the cushions

H&M Home The chevron pattern will be there again this summer as this soft cushion in pastel pink color proves to us. Ideal for waking up a slightly wise sofa or chair. 9.99 euros


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