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10 wooden lamps

10 wooden lamps

Wood, a noble and natural material, has become a real source of inspiration for designers and brands. There is something for all styles and all budgets. Wood invades the decor and the lamps take up the light bulb! A quick overview of our favorite creations.

Wood to ask

Blumen Young French brand, Blumen offers pretty creations 100% made in France with certified natural materials free from chemicals. Practical, the lantern allows you to be taken to any corner of the house thanks to its long red thread, an integral part of the designer's work.

Wood to unfold

Catherine Mui Catherine Mui designed a modular lamp. Closed, the light is almost nonexistent while as it opens it increasingly illuminates the room in which it is located. We also find the charm of wooden blocks to be superimposed to build architectures with which we played as children.

The wood that moves by itself

La Redoute Between the tripod and the bedside lamp, this creation by La Redoute seems to be able to move forward on its own. Its minimalist wooden design will easily integrate into an interior with Nordic decor.

Painted wood

La Redoute More classic wooden lamp, you can give it a more rock'n roll touch by repainting your foot in the colors of the room: here we play the natural card with a shades of beige, white, taupe and gray… which calls resting.

Antlers ...

Maison du monde At Maisons du monde, the world is wild: animals from around the world are brought into their living room and more precisely above their heads, as with this creation that imitates the antlers that adorn the heads of certain deer and others impulses.

Wood in threes

Maison du monde In a tripod version as for photographers, this wooden base lamp has everything to seduce those who want to set sail. We add it to a decoration where references to the marine world are omnipresent: boat, telescope, net, shells…

Foldable wood

Maison du monde To be placed in the kitchen, above the work surface, or as a bedside lamp in the bedroom, this creation highlights the technical properties of wood and how these can be useful in the world of decoration. Its metal lampshade brings an industrial aspect, contrasting nicely with a natural material like wood.

The sublimated wood

Maison du monde Here, wood is added to the creation and appeals to the world of corals. After diving under the surface of the water, you let yourself float while daydreaming, in the light of a pretty lamp.

Contemporary wood

Maison du monde A very modern and minimalist creation, this lamp will find its place in an office with clean lines or in a living room with stripped decoration.