Mobile kitchen islands

Mobile kitchen islands

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A larger kitchen plan, more storage space and gourmet pleasures around the stoves: island life is really good ... and even more when it is associated with nomadic life. No more layout work and fixed islands nailed to the kitchen floor! A wind of freedom and independence is blowing in the kitchen! The proof in pictures with this slideshow which puts the mobile kitchen islands in the spotlight.

The island of temptation

Marchi Cucine An island of temptation reigns over this pretty urban loft imagined by Marchi Cucine. Visible pipes, exposed bricks and stools with a vintage look combine with the industrial elements of the central island. The drawer unit, straight out of the workshop, is surmounted by a work plan and completed by a beautiful table hoisted on a trestle effect base. The industry as we like it!

Flea market spirit

Marchi Cucine We love this cuisine made in the spirit of China (not the country but the flea market!). Workshop-style mobile kitchen island, industrial-style chairs, slate fronts, ladder and vintage accessories make up a kitchen where one would gladly invite oneself to discuss flea markets over a drink!

Mint water color

Leroy Merlin A beautiful mobile central island in mint color with water that plays megalos in the center of the kitchen. Preparation of meals, bistronomic conversations and lunches on the go ... Here, the central island is at the center of family life.

Long live nomadism!

Crate & Barrel Even small kitchens are entitled to their island, central or not. Supporting demonstration with this kitchen island that moves from the center of the kitchen to the wall according to needs and desires. Its advantages ? An extendable worktop and a small wine cellar subtly visible under the worktop.

In recovered pallets

Déco Recover 'This central island made with pallets caught our eye. Side towel rack, storage shelves and worktop: everything is there, with the charm of DIY in addition. At the center of the space, it creates a beautiful harmony between the preparation and relaxation areas, all at a lower cost. Source: Déco Recover '

French touch

Crate & Barrel We spotted this mobile kitchen island called French kitchen island at Crate & Barrel. The marble worktop in the pastry table style is combined with the base, the base and the cross in black iron to emphasize the shapes and create a kitchen island with the charm of France.

The charm of recycled wood

Maisons du Monde A dream island for lovers of a warm atmosphere and recycled wood. Functional seen from the living room and aesthetic seen from the living room, this island furniture is the pivotal place in the space where meals and family feasts are prepared. Its shelves allow you to store fruit, kitchen equipment and / or recipe books in an aesthetic way. It's up to you to make your own decorative kitchen.

Size XXS

Suppan & Suppan Interieur Even XXS kitchens are entitled to their island. This central island (or not, depending on your desires) brings a touch of conviviality to the decor. Double-sided storage module, side drawers and work surface extend the functional mode of the kitchen with the chic and elegance of the pine wood fronts.

Formica version mobile kitchen island

Leroy Merlin We love the retro charm of this Leroy Merlin piece of furniture that acts as a mobile kitchen island with a low piece of furniture for storing and a work surface that serves as a dining area!