Shadows enhance the decor

Shadows enhance the decor

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In the children's room, as in the living room or the garden, the shadows make and break the decor. We play with them on the walls, objects and all the rest of the decor. A quick overview of original creations that highlight light and shadows.

Line and patterns

Anne de Solène The designer Anne de Solène highlights the diamonds with this composition on the bed set and on the wall with this screen which creates a double pattern with light.

Luminous lantern

Blumen Blumen, the young French brand we have already told you about, seduces with these noble materials and its respect for nature. Made in France, the lantern strolls throughout the house for an intimate atmosphere and a play of shade to be projected on the floor or on the wall.

Only good points

Bonpoint The children's brand plays the punch card for its windows with this monumental installation which displays a veritable poetic constellation on the walls.

Flying chair

Duffy London Western version of the flying carpet, this chair straight out of the imagination of the designers of Duffy London gives the impression of flying above the living room thanks to a shadow that serves as a counterweight.

Nature lovers

E-my baz'arte by pepita Designed from the shapes that you can make with your hands, these two birds in full flight are actually a pair of bookends. A poetic accessory!

Direction London

Ferm living In the children's room, to brighten up their worlds while keeping a decorative touch, we play with the shadows and cutouts of London vehicles, including the famous double-decker bus or the XXL version taxis.

Do it yourself

Joe Penrod We place a plant between a directional lamp and its wall, then we draw a few pencil strokes for the outline. Once the light is on, we paint everything in the colors of the room, and here is an original and 100% customizable pattern.

Falling back to childhood

Paperboy wallpaper The shadows are international but particularly Chinese. Remember to make a bird, a dog and all the rest of the bestiary behind a white backlit sheet. Paperboy reproduces these animals on the walls. Be careful, however, to make only a wall or two, so as not to saturate the room.

Clever rabbit The latest decorative accessory from our selection, the clever rabbit. During the day, he knows how to be discreet but after dark, we light his candle and the little beast comes to life as if by magic.


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