10 cozy bedroom inspirations with comforter

10 cozy bedroom inspirations with comforter

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Formerly fallen into disuse, the quilt again takes center stage. An element of traditional decoration, imbued with an authentic charm, it gives your room the character of a cozy nest. The retro trend finds its letters of nobility, bringing up to date objects inherited from our grandmothers. The quilt fits into this vein, and becomes the essential accessory around which a cozy atmosphere is developed…

A quilt with delicate embroidery

Zara Home Heir to a centuries-old tradition, the comforter has its roots in our common history. Dotted with lily flowers, it evokes the splendor of the royal rooms and the elegance of the nobility. The finely chiseled moldings are matched by the delicate embroidery of the quilt, in a deliciously old-fashioned dialogue. We like to imagine the secrets of alcoves exchanged in this universe of felted charm.

On an air of Commedia dell'arte

Walmart Mainstays The boldness and the dynamism of the acid colors make the soul of this cozy room. A central decorative element, the colorful quilt catches the eye! Playing brilliantly on the patchwork card, he mischievously assumes its colorful charm. All the dynamism of the piece resides in this interlacing of shapes and colors. Arlequin's playful spirit is revisited here with flying colors!

The sobriety of the tone on tone

Arreda Click This elegant quilt finds the paths of sobriety. The absence of bright colors is an assumed bias, in this room with subdued lighting. From this nuanced atmosphere emanates a discreet charm, which invites relaxation. Soothed and serene, we sleep gently ...

The nobility of satin

Zara Home Playing with natural light, this delightful satin quilt evokes the pearly pearls of our grandmothers. The glance glides like a caress on this fabric with silky reflections. With a clever set of mirrors, the embroidered patterns on the quilt respond to the presence of the decorative plant. The floral theme is perfectly mastered here, and creates the unity of style of this cozy bedroom.

The game of contrasts

La Redoute Standing out against an immaculate white background, this sparkling eiderdown seduces with its pretty tart color. The sobriety of the room serves as a showcase, organizing the visual story exclusively around this decorative element. If you pay attention, you can see the openwork patterns that make up the quilt, giving it a lot of lightness and fluidity.

Hippie chic style

La Redoute When the bohemian spirit reinvents the comforter of our grandmothers, the decoration becomes irreverent! The play of shimmering colors and unstructured patterns infuses this room with skillfully mastered energy. The casual chic style is at work here, a subtle blend of audacity and respect for standards ...

The debutantes ball

Lush Decor Resolutely baroque, this ruffle quilt transports us to the dreamlike world of fairytale princesses. The richness of its ornaments creates an exuberant decoration, which goes against the grain of current minimalist trends. More than a simple bias, the profusion is here set up as a master value!

The thousand and One Nights

Joss & Main When the quilt is adorned with ethnic motifs, it contributes to creating an exotic atmosphere, coming from distant lands. Inspired by Persian traditions, the cashmere patterns here draw elegant arabesques in bright colors. It's a bit of the spirit of the Orient that takes hold of our grandmothers' bed linen…

The unspeakable aura of white

Madison Park This minimalist comforter gives up all the ornaments to retain only the timeless purity of white. The sober refinement is at work here, elegantly exploiting the codes that made the success of the classic chic style. The absence of any frills contributes to the Zen atmosphere of this cozy room.


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