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One kitchen, two colors

One kitchen, two colors

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Who says you have to choose one color for your kitchen furniture? On the contrary, the trend is towards mixing and two-color kitchens are on the rise. To give you ideas of association, discover 10 kitchens that play with colors.

A wooden and white kitchen

Darty In this kitchen, the majority color is brought by the wood which settles on the low cupboards. And to give a breath, we bring touches of white with the worktop and tall furniture.

A white and green kitchen

Alinéa Do you want to vitiate your kitchen? It will simply be enough to install two cupboards in a tangy green which will awaken the decor of the white kitchen.

A kitchen in white and gray

Leroy Merlin In this kitchen with white furniture, only the worktop enhances the whole with a darker color that highlights all of the furniture.

A kitchen in white and gray

Aviva Here, gray takes on more importance and squarely surrounds white furniture to create an original graphic decor that infuses a designer atmosphere into the room.

A blue and white kitchen

Aviva Here the white finish of the kitchen allows you to bring a breath to this kitchen which displays a midnight blue which gives a very designer style to the whole.

A kitchen in beige and brown

Aviva For a warm atmosphere, this kitchen relies on a duo of soft colors such as beige and brown. Beige lightens the whole room and brown creates an enveloping atmosphere for a duo that complements.

Fuchsia and white cuisine

Cuisinella To feminize this kitchen and give it pep, some cupboards adopt a glossy fuchsia color that changes traditional kitchen colors. A real touch of modernity!

A wooden and pink kitchen

Baker Here, the wood and its soft brown color combine with a soft pink for a duo that plays the card of sweetness. The atmosphere of the room is then feminine for a cuisine pleasant to live in.

A kitchen in orange and gray

Cuisinella Finally, here, the kitchen in shades of gray is enhanced by an orange stripe that runs over the entire kitchen. The style is original and very contemporary for a fairly urban atmosphere.