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A 37m² apartment that wears white well

A 37m² apartment that wears white well

Buying an apartment in the center of a big city is often synonymous with old parquet floors, classic style moldings and large window panes. And if what gives all the character of these accommodations is an undeniable asset for some, it is a real headache for others. This 37 m² in the heart of Montmartre succeeds in reconciling everyone with the old thanks to a very simple trick: white!

DIY graphic to decorate the corridor

Mahault de St-hilaire As, in this apartment, all the walls were painted white, it was necessary to play on accessories and decorative tips to personalize it. In the corridor, with the help of a few nails and woolen threads, we made pretty graphic patterns. A DIY to test!

A show that mixes natural, authenticity and trend

Mahault de St-hilaire If white brings a modern side by playing on the minimalist trend, it also highlights the beautiful wooden parquet. This natural and authentic spirit that it conveys has been integrated into the decoration with this wooden dining table, these green plants and these nesting coffee tables in retro design.

Open the kitchen keeping the wall

Mahault de St-hilaire To make the most of the space offered by the living room, the kitchen has been opened to the living room. But to still separate the two spaces without obscuring the light, we kept a small wall on the lower part and a wall rest on the upper part ... quite simply!

White for a Zen bathroom

Mahault de St-hilaire By combining white with a light blue and natural materials - like the wood in the trunk - the bathroom is given a more zen and relaxing atmosphere.

Enamel to decorate the bathroom

Mahault de St-hilaire The tiles, in Briare enamel, bring a decorative touch to the walls of the bathroom.

A bathroom with minimalist decoration

Mahault de St-hilaire As this bathroom naturally bathes in light, we had to avoid cluttering it up. A very refined style was therefore chosen. And, to recall the Zen spirit, we put accessories in natural colors as well as a green plant.

White for a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

Mahault de St-hilaire A modern living room, a Zen bathroom and a romantic bedroom in the same apartment? With white, anything is possible! A few gray accessories and a touch of pink are enough to transform this little room into a romantic sleeping area.