Scandinavian living room: 10 DIY to redo the decor

Scandinavian living room: 10 DIY to redo the decor

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To transform your living room into a Scandinavian living room, it's simple: you just have to bet on simple wooden objects and furniture and natural materials, pure shapes, graphic patterns and finally soft and joyful colors. The watchword is to have a cozy and welcoming interior. Without changing everything at home, you can already bring the Scandinavian spirit into your home with small touches. Here are 10 DIY creation ideas to blow a Nordic wind in your living room!

Scandinavian swing shelf

Juliana de Giacomi What could be prettier than a hanging shelf for a Scandinavian living room? Especially since these swing shelves are a real trend of the moment. Juliana shows you in a few steps how to make one: 3 boards, wooden beads, dowels, a drill ... In a jiffy you can hang this Scandinavian shelf and place some poetic objects. Delicate and practical, the winning duo! Source

A Scandinavian decorative coffee table

Isabelle Gaborieau The Scandinavian spirit is certainly light wood, soft shapes but also a game around pastel colors. Here, Isabelle shows you how to quickly revamp a white table in a tender pink color. What bring a touch of femininity to your living room! Or how to revive a basic table… Source

Himmelis hanging for a touch of greenery!

Mathis Boucher Perhaps you do not know this name yet, but you have certainly seen (and loved) these Finnish geometric objects. We have seen them a lot for Scandinavian Christmas decorations, as an earring or even as a lamp: here, Mathis declines the himmelis in very original floral suspensions. He nests there tillandsias, plants needing neither soil nor much water… Discover the tutorial on his blog Think Your Deco! Source

A Scandinavian cocoon stool

Fanny Kuhner When a fresh breeze blows in Scandinavia, we want warmth, softness ... and toupee! It is on this idea that Fanny wanted to make this adorable synthetic fur stool for cocooning. A perfect piece for your Scandinavian living room. It will not take you more than 30 minutes to make this original seat following the instructions from Rue Rivoirette. Source

The reindeer painting

Stéphanie Granval For your decor, nothing like a wooden table with a reindeer or deer silhouette to bring a little Scandinavian air to your living room. Stéphanie gives you all the keys to finding a silhouette to paint, making the support (here in light wood “chalet” style) and painting. She also shares other decorative ideas for a Nordic style (a revamped mini-greenhouse, a ladder shelf, etc.). Source

A tripod lamp of Scandinavian inspiration

Morgane Tanguy Starting from the observation that a beautiful wooden tripod lamp with a white lampshade required a certain budget in store, Morgane, from the Best of Vanity blog, decided to make one herself at a low price. Great good took him because it gives you a complete tutorial to make one yourself and bring real added value to your Scandinavian living room! Source

Geometric cushions

Malak - Pop & Soda No Scandinavian trend without geometric shapes! Regarding colors, whether you choose pastel or more vibrant colors, it doesn't matter. Stay in the sweetness and cheerfulness, and you are right on trend. These comfortable cushions will be perfect for your sofa. Malak gives you the keys to make them yourself from A to Z! Source

A wall painting with Scandinavian accents

Sandra Landy Sauzedde - Jesus Sauvage Jesus Sauvage offers here an easy DIY for a stunning rendering: a pretty wall painting based on round cork coasters, and paint, to hang family photos and other reminders! There are geometric shapes, natural materials and soft colors dear to the scandi style! Source

A side table in the Scandinavian style

Audrey - Madame Déco This table has all Nordic codes: wood, geometric patterns and pastel colors! In addition, it is eco-friendly with its wooden case diverted to become the base of the table. Audrey explains step by step how to make it on her blog! Source