Chez Anne: an attic apartment with Mediterranean inspiration

Chez Anne: an attic apartment with Mediterranean inspiration

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Do you dream of the sun and the seaside? No need for earthenware cicadas, mustard yellow walls or sandboxes in the garden to transport your interior to the edge of the Mediterranean. At the top of its six Parisian floors, Anne took up the challenge of bringing the sun and the sea into an attic apartment. Visit of a two-room apartment inspired by the Mediterranean style while keeping the retro charm of Parisian apartments.

Develop a kitchen directly under the roof

Mahault de St Hilaire It is sometimes difficult to furnish a kitchen under the eaves. The best thing is to make the slope under the roof an asset. Anne chose to put a shelf above her two windows. Thanks to her, she adds storage to her kitchen and keeps all the products she needs close at hand.

A living room bathed in light

Mahault de St Hilaire Obviously, living on the top floor often has a big advantage: you get good light. In this living room, the walls have been painted white to reflect the light as much as possible. Like what, even in the heart of Paris, you can enjoy the sun!

Mediterranean and contemporary decor

Mahault de St Hilaire By having a few touches of blue in her decoration, Anne gives her interior an atmosphere that is both Mediterranean - by the choice of colors - and contemporary by playing on a refined style.

An apartment in blue and white

Mahault de St Hilaire The decoration of this two-room apartment is organized around two shades, blue and white, in a very refined style. In the living room, it is the frames, the office furniture, the lamp and a whole collection of objects that announce the color!

A mirror headboard in the bedroom

Mahault de St Hilaire Adopting the mirror at the head of the bed is a good idea when you have a small bedroom. It enlarges the space and diffuses the light.

A light garland for the color reminder

Mahault de St Hilaire To harmonize all the rooms in the apartment, Anne thought of adding a blue accessory to each of them. Here, it is the light garland that brings the colorful touch.

Nature and seaside atmosphere in the bathroom

Mahault de St Hilaire With its navy blue pattern and white brick-style tiles, this small bathroom recreates a seaside style. And to avoid the sanitized side of white, Anne chose to integrate a green plant in the room.