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Your most beautiful end of year festive tables

Your most beautiful end of year festive tables

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Each end of the year is an opportunity to compete in elegance and originality when decorating your festive table. By choosing dishes, fabrics or accessories, everyone tries to define an atmosphere and express their personality. Discover without further delay the most beautiful party tables of our internet users.

Gray table

DR The gray trend is even present on our festive tables. Associated with white, it offers here a sober but elegant rendering.

End table

DR A small scene at the end of the table, simply made up of white fabric and a few figurines.

Table white anthracite gray

DR By mixing white with an anthracite gray, you will create a contemporary table that remains simple.

Folding table napkin

DR Simple to carry out, napkin folding remains a sure bet to surprise the guests present at your table.

Napkin folding table 2

DR Find here all our tips for folding your towels in an original way.

Snow table

DR Reconstruct a winter scene using a white tablecloth, cotton and a few plants as decor.

White red table

DR Bet on red for your table decoration: plates, cutlery, accessories, flowers. For the rest, prefer white, for a more harmonious table.

White black table

DR To create a chic table with ease, opt for the marriage of black and white, both on the table and in the dishes.

Female table

DR To bring a feminine touch to your festive table, combine black with a pink or a purple, completed with napkins folded in the heart.

Writing table

DR Make your holiday table a space of expression, by making a handwritten card for each of your guests, and a sheet strewn with your personal inscriptions as a table runner.

Light table

DR If you have bet on a refined table decoration, you can bring a touch of originality by composing a wall of light garlands at the end of the table.

Dark table

DR By choosing black and gray, your festive table will be both sober and elegant. A slightly shiny table runner and colored napkins will bring a welcome touch of originality.

Red table

DR Another way to use red: decorations that can be guessed under transparent plates, candles or a few red fruits placed on the table.

Baroque table

DR For a baroque table decoration, decorate it with a glass chandelier, prefer a tablecloth with damask patterns, as well as crockery and black candles.

White red table 2

DR To be 100% Christmas themed, alternate the red and white elements, both in the dishes, the fabrics that cover your table and the accessories that decorate it.

White red table

DR Why not change the traditional table runner a bit? By making a table runner perpendicular to each end of your table, you will very simply bring a touch of originality to your decoration.

Oriental table

DR Because it shines and adapts very well to candles, an oriental decoration can very well go on a festive table.

Barley sugar table

DR To satisfy young and old, why not have a few barley sugars in the center of your table, as well as a few gift packs.

Blue table

DR What if you see the holidays in blue? Cutlery, crockery, and table runner will accommodate white fabrics very well. Float a few candles in a background of blue water to perfect your decoration.

Wooden table

DR Noël is also the logs! So play on the theme of wood by decorating your table with a few trinkets in the likeness of trees or animals. Choose a white and linen table cloth, mixing the idea of ​​snow with that of wood.

White table

DR A very white decoration to stay in the winter theme: very elegant folded towels and decorations arranged sparingly. Favorite for the central star, which can accommodate the decorations of your choice.

Bazaar table

DR For a falsely raw table decoration, mark out a center of wildly inspired decorations in the center of the table, using red pearls.

Original table

DR Choose an original table, with real half-logs on the table, adorned with twigs and small figurines. Also fun, each glass is topped with a small Santa hat.


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