A minimalist apartment under the roofs of Paris

A minimalist apartment under the roofs of Paris

In the heart of Paris, this atypical apartment is made up of two old maids' rooms joined together. However, who says good room says magnificent view of Paris but also accommodation under the roofs. Kitoko studio succeeds in integrating, under the eaves, a very well equipped minimalist two-room apartment.

A kitchen that adapts to the slope under the roof

Fabienne Delafraye To avoid losing space, the kitchen adapts perfectly to the slope of the roof. In addition to being practical, this bevelled shape brings an original side to this refined cuisine.

Optimizing storage for a minimalist kitchen

Fabienne Delafraye To adopt the minimalist style, one watchword: storage! In the kitchen, we multiplied the cupboards so that nothing was left in sight.

Industrial spirit and tavern in the kitchen

Fabienne Delafraye By choosing to leave the metal frame of the apartment visible, the architectural firm gives the room a loft and industrial spirit. To warm up the white and gray of this dining area, a guinguette-style light garland was hung directly from the metal structure.

Storage tips for the dining area

Fabienne Delafraye To keep a minimalist spirit in the whole apartment, we had to imagine a lot of storage. Here, this bench serves as both a seat and a trunk.

Low furniture to optimize space under the eaves

Fabienne Delafraye When you build an apartment under the roof, there are certain walls that are difficult to use, especially the sloping walls. The solution to take advantage of the space is to adapt the size of your furniture as here where this small low piece of furniture fits perfectly between the two windows.

A colorful and graphic lounge

Fabienne Delafraye In this apartment, it is the living room space that brings a nice colorful touch to the room while keeping the minimalist spirit. To do this, you just have to play with colorful sofas, a beautiful framed illustration and a few graphic cushions. And not to give an impression of emptiness in a minimalist living room, we think of decorating the wall above the sofa.

An attic lounge

Fabienne Delafraye Arranging a living room directly under the roof is above all a question of measures. You should never see too high! Here, the size of the sofas has been adapted to the height of the window.

A small minimalist bedroom in the attic

Fabienne Delafraye This room is like the apartment: sober, refined and graphic. The headboard has been designed to perfectly match the height of the window and bring a little colorful touch to the bedroom. The bedside lamps also adopt the minimalist style with this bare bulb and this jar lamp.

Small room, small furniture

Fabienne Delafraye As this room did not offer much space, the owners could not opt ​​for a bench or a chair in order to put all the daily belongings. They therefore had the idea of ​​a miniature version with this small stool.

A small contemporary bathroom

Fabienne Delafraye The bathroom recalls the minimalist and ultra contemporary style of the kitchen with its shades of gray and its sleek design.