Melting Pots, the Middle East on the plate

Melting Pots, the Middle East on the plate

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New to the world of kitchen utensils, the Melting Pots brand has not finished making headlines! Its collection of silicone cake molds, inspired by oriental iconography, offers a thousand and one possibilities to present its desserts in an original way. At a time of mixing cultures and opening up to world cuisines, we quickly adopt these new colorful molds!

Shapes and colors

Melting Pots The Dubai brand offers several models 100% silicone: each product is available in 4 colors (purple, peacock blue, brown, red, machine washable and compatible with baking in the oven and microwave. Thanks to their varied sizes , it is possible to make a family dessert or several individual cupcakes.

Ultra creative meals

Melting Pots Melting Pots can be used for any type of preparation, from the traditional cake to various desserts or savory dishes. Whether used for cooking or simply for a nice presentation, they transform meals into real moments of multicultural celebration!

Fatima's hand

Melting Pots The hand of Fatima - or hand of Fatma - is one of the most common symbols in Islam today. Like the horseshoe or the four-leaf clover in the western Christian world, it helps to benefit from the divine protection of Allah for whoever wears it. The Melting Pots brand has taken up, in the form of a culinary accessory, one of the oldest mythological representations known in the Islamic world in order to associate it with meals, a family and convivial moment par excellence.

The cheesecake reviewed and corrected!

Melting Pots The Melting Pots brand, founded by Siham Jouhari, advocates cuisine open to oriental culture within everyone's reach! With this Eid Saeed mold ("Best wishes" in Arabic), it is very easy to make a nice dessert during the holidays. Here, the online store shows us how to present a cheesecake in a modern and delicious way.

A chocolate arabesque

Melting Pots On its website, the Dubai brand offers recipes explained step by step in pictures. Here, a beautiful interpretation of the "Reine de Shaba" cake, with chocolate and almonds.

Love always !

Melting Pots Here is an appetizing colorful cake, prepared using the Hob mold (which means "love"): with a little imagination and fantasy, the possibilities are endless! Melting Pots also invites all the holders of their products to send photos of their dishes on the brand's Facebook page, in order to give presentation ideas to other Internet users.

An oriental fashion black forest

Melting Pots Here is a beautiful mixture of cultures with this traditional Germanic dessert converted into the hand of Fatima! Even the eye located in the center of the palm is represented in the form of whipped cream and candied cherry: an idea to decline with different ingredients, salty or sweet.

Party buffets!

Melting Pots Melting Pots cake molds are available in mini format, which makes it easy to make individual cupcakes perfect for a cheerful and colorful birthday buffet!

Tea time

Melting Pots fell in love with these mini-cakes in the shape of Fatima's hand that we crunch with delight at tea time: scones, soft almonds, custards ... all delicacies are allowed!


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