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Recreate the decor of a room recovered at home

Recreate the decor of a room recovered at home

Do you want a room that goes off the beaten track? The recuperated style is for you! A clever mix of vintage accessories and well-selected objects will allow you to obtain an atmosphere of character.

Shopping list: flowery bed linen

Essix home In the center of the room, the bed linen will set the tone! We choose the Essix set which is adorned with small delicate flowers that will plant a retro atmosphere like a family home.

Shopping list: recovered cases

Fly To make the bed bigger, we collect cases of wine which we stack to form a headboard. Each box can then accommodate decorative items like a curiosity cabinet.

Shopping list: a travel mat

Maisons du monde For the floor of your bedroom, choose a carpet with graphic and colorful patterns. The idea is that it looks like a travel souvenir to give character to the room.

Shopping list: a wooden case

Maisons du monde For storage, we put on originality with wooden boxes that store linen. We will be able to move the boxes as needed.

Shopping list: butterflies in the background

The Collection To give an original atmosphere, we play the card of mixing styles with a multitude of accessories that we could have found in a flea market. We can thus place in frames small butterfly patterns cut from retro wallpaper.

Shopping list: a vintage radio

La Redoute Among the objects that you can hunt for, don't hesitate to treat yourself to a vintage radio. Even if it does not work, it will be of the most beautiful effect in the decoration.

Shopping list: a retro fan

Purpose Play with unusual objects! Why not install a retro fan? It will bring an industrial touch to your recovered atmosphere!

Shopping list: wedding globes

La Redoute On your shelves, place some wedding globes under which you can display offbeat objects to give character to your decor.

Shopping list: large vases on the floor

LSA International To decorate the floor of your bedroom, bet on large vases that will serve as decorative sculptures. You can slip a few branches there or leave them natural.