The new Hygena kitchens in 2014

The new Hygena kitchens in 2014

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Fancy a new kitchen? Whether you are modern or rather classic, you will be sure to be won over by one of the new Hygena models of 2014. As a bonus, also discover the Hygena Café In and Music In innovations which prove that the kitchen is a real space of conviviality.

Luna kitchen

Hygena Black and white, this kitchen draws its character from its sober and clean lines. The brilliant white of the façades elegantly contrasts with the matt black of the worktop. We love the futuristic fittings complementing this set which will delight all perfectionists. ** Depending on standard layout, € 3,645 (excluding eco-participation) **

Loft kitchen

Hygena For those who dream of living in New York, they will be seduced by this friendly and modern cuisine. We like the "sawdust" motif on the facades, which provides a light conducive to good humor. ** Depending on standard layout, € 3,054 (excluding eco-participation) **

Cuisine Comète Cream

Hygena This classic cuisine succeeds in the tour de force of combining country spirit and sophistication. By appealing to the Swedish Gustavian spirit, she invites us to take the time to contemplate what never goes out of fashion. We like this cream color which floods the room with light. ** Depending on standard layout, € 3,054 (excluding eco-participation) **

Mono Sand Kitchen

Hygena For those who want to get to the basics, this monochrome kitchen charms with its clean lines and layout. It favors openness to the outside so that this room is the heart of the house. We love its central island around which the whole family can meet. ** Depending on standard layout, € 2,528 (excluding eco-participation) **

Innovation Music In

Hygena For 53% of French people *, listening to music or the radio is a daily activity. Given the time we spend (with pleasure) in our kitchens, it was time to imagine an integrated sound system. This is precisely the idea of ​​Music In, loudspeakers integrated into the kitchen furniture which blend into the whole but which are heard thanks to their sound quality. The design of this sound system was in fact entrusted to the Opalum brand, recognized for its acoustic know-how and its Scandinavian design. * According to a study published for the book Kitchen ID published by Hygena ** Music In system, from € 349 **

Innovation Café In

Hygena With the arrival of capsule machines and almost professional coffee makers, our relationship with coffee has changed. Today the moment to savor your espresso has become a ritual with which we do not laugh. It therefore became obvious for Hygena to design a storage space dedicated to this "coffee ceremony". ** Café In system, € 449 **


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