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Artistic stickers for an urban style

Artistic stickers for an urban style

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials., specialist in wall decoration, offers a new range of limited edition stickers produced by the artists of Brozart Studio. Inspired by street art, these stickers will bring a very urban style to your decoration. Presentation.

Madonna catch the look decal

Live atmosphere This original sticker pays homage to the famous Madonna and her so mythical look. Everything is presented in a very pop art sticker with allusions to Marilyn Monroe and inlays of comics.

Star street cop sticker

Live atmosphere If you are inspired by street art, you can choose this sticker that incorporates all the street codes. You will see the metro, the luminous signs of the cities but also the street posters, the tags and a policeman to oversee the whole.

Tag Wall Sticker

Live atmosphere These stickers will energize your walls with an undeniable urban style. Covered with graffiti, a piece of wall lets glimpse a dark street like a window on the world.

Kiss New York Decal

Live atmosphere Lovers of the big apple and lovers in general, will bet on this stickers where a couple kiss languidly with New York City as a backdrop. A passionate sticker that will spice up your decor!

Mind the Gap Decal

Live atmosphere On this stickers, the city of London is in the spotlight! You will find all the famous symbols of the city in a very urban artistic blur.

Sex machine sticker

Live atmosphere For a decor under the sign of decadence, prefer this sticker which highlights the pleasure of the night with allusions to Playboy for example.

Slow Graffiti Decal

Live atmosphere This sticker represents a wall tagged with bright and dynamic colors to represent the alternative culture specific to the city. Street art is then in the spotlight!

The voodoo child sticker

Live Atmosphere Finally, if you are a fan of Jimmy Hendrix, head to this stickers which highlights the singer in a very artistic style.