Once upon a time… a child's room with forest decor

Once upon a time… a child's room with forest decor

The most beautiful children's stories always take place in an enchanted forest populated by marvelous animals. Wallpapers, carpets, stickers, beds and mobiles: the editorial team has some ideas for decorating a child's room like a forest before the hour of history. Let’s take a walk in the woods… while the little wolves are growing up!

Decorative stickers that smell of fresh forest air

Love Maé Here are two scenes that smell of the fresh forest air. Fawn, rabbit, doe, owl, squirrel and fox populate a forest of graphic and poetic conifers where the Indians gathered under the tipi sticker. Junior is waiting quietly in his bed for you to tell him the rest of the story…

Brocéliande ambiance wallpaper

Karly Kmyta Brocéliande atmosphere in this nursery that puts the outdoors and trees in the spotlight ... Whiteness, light and softness pierce through the branches to create a child's bedroom like a cocoon in the heart of nature.

Black forest atmosphere wallpaper for the child's bedroom

Nathalie Lété In this child's room, we don't skimp on the number of friends. Fawn, rabbit, fox, squirrel and birds watch over baby's sleep. The wolf is also there (not even afraid!), Wisely dozing on the black forest wallpaper. Enough to stimulate the imagination of little wolves in romper suits.

An owl wall light to light up the forest

Haba No way to walk in the forest without light… This cool wall night light from the Wood Owl series imagined by Haba accompanies toddlers in the kingdom of dreams and elves. We like its natural tones, its kind look and its soft and reassuring light.

An animal mobile to support baby's dreams

Pehr Designs We continue with a nice mobile in felted wool made by hand. These five animals of the forest suspended around their circle accompany baby's dreams (and the parents' interspersed nights) very gently and in motion…

A sticker to measure yourself against a tree

Lilipinso We love the soft and stylish stickers from the Collection by Paper & Cloth designed by Lilipinso. The Indian Tree adhesive rod allows Junior to follow his growth curve… and to congratulate him on his last centimeter, his friend, the Baloo bear is here!

Cushions like maple leaves

Main Sauvage We continue with a nice range of knitted cushions in baby alpaca wool. These red, yellow and pink maple leaves evoke magnified undergrowth of colors and sweetness. To be placed delicately on the bed to create a cozy child's bedroom.

A carpet in Lappish forests

Lilipinso Conifers, mountains and stylized stars combine with the colors of Lappish forests to create a pretty carpet of Scandinavian inspiration. The white of the snow, the gray of the mist, the deep blue of the lakes and the green of the fir trees create a gentle breeze in the child's bedroom.

In the woods, it rocks a lot

Kindred Vintage & Co This room embodies the fulfillment of many childhood dreams. The hammock chair hanging on its wooden branch is beautifully highlighted by the wallpaper with the airs of an enchanted forest. It rocks a lot in the woods!

A cabin bed perched above the trees

Terre de Nuit / La Redoute We continue with a nice cabin bed to climb into the bedroom with the dexterity of a squirrel. Well sheltered in its hiding place with an unusual design, perched above the trees, Junior has every opportunity to think of himself as the king of the forest.

A dreamer deer in the forest

Boramiri Handmade in the Boramiri workshop, this animal trophy in organic cotton catapults us into a forest universe imbued with wisdom and poetry. To add to the wall decor of the child's room for nights as sweet as the dreamy look of this stuffed deer ...

A young fawn frame

The animal print shop + Hygge & West This wishful poetic room completes our decorative walk in the forest. Here, the stylized patterns of the wallpaper blend perfectly with the natural tones of the crib, the mobile and the young fawn of the framed poster who, like Bambi, watches over the protection of the prince / princess of the forest. Source