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The new wood look kitchens from Cuisinella

The new wood look kitchens from Cuisinella

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Cuisinella Label Oak Montana

Cuisinella Cuisine Label Oak Montana. A kitchen with facades available in three colors: Chêne Vieilli Brossé, Chêne Montana Brossé and Maya Silver. The very design hood is made of stainless steel and glass. Another advantage: a very modern and very functional central island. Public price: 2345 euros.

Cuisinella Aged Oak

Cuisinella Cuisine Label Aged Oak. The straight lines of aged oak bring a contemporary touch to this kitchen. A storage solution was thought above the worktop, partially exposed thanks to a sliding door. Available in Brushed Aged Oak, Brushed Montana Oak and Maya Silver. Public price: 2345 euros.

Cuisinella Asia Taupe

Cuisinella Cuisine Asia Taupe. Clean and design, this kitchen has Oak Veneer veneer furniture giving it a soft atmosphere. The integrated handles are tone on tone. The establishment is open to the rest of the habitat for a friendly spirit. Public price: 3370 euros.

Cuisinella Trend Elm Nature

Cuisinella Cuisine Trend Elm Nature. A kitchen available in 14 colors. The facades are made of melamine particle board. The sleek but warm style thanks to the handles and the wooden aspect offers a contemporary atmosphere. Public price: 2251 euros.


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