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Clocks make our heads spin

Clocks make our heads spin

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As if turning their hands was not enough, the clocks decided to turn our heads. So much so that we demand oversized models, versions to collect in large numbers on a wall and even objects and furniture representing their round silhouette and their 12 figures. Time to personalize the interior decoration.

Wall accumulation

Fly ### Another example of a collection of mismatched clocks set loose on the living room wall. An offbeat bias that has the audacity to rock the decor…

Coffee table version

Maisons du Monde ### The embezzlement of decorative objects also lingers on the "watchmaking" trend. Demonstration with this round coffee table whose tray is none other than a clock! An original choice that does not fail to give character to the living room.

Decorative canvas

Maisons du Monde ### More than an object, the clock symbolizes the passing of time. A strong and poetic theme which goes so far as to inspire certain paintings for wall decoration of which here is a fine example.

Country series

Maisons du Monde ### To accentuate the chic country style of the bedroom, we played on the accumulation of an object that perfectly embodied it: a clock with a period design declined in series on the wall overhanging the bed. Bet won.

Wall hooks

Delamaison ### In the entryway, we put on a coat rack something unusual: wall hooks of different colors wisely aligned next to each other. But not just any model! These are all equipped with small clocks, as if they wanted to tell us the time of departure and arrival at home.


Maisons du Monde ### With a huge clock, almost as wide as it is, the dresser stands out as it should be.

Loft style

Maisons du Monde ### The loft style revisits the "clock" trend in its own way: a metallic support on which 9 examples are outlined. Absolutely undue!


Maisons du Monde ### Nice duplicate clocks in the kitchen. Between their Roman numerals and their oversized size, they couldn't do better!