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10 DIY clocks

10 DIY clocks

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At a time when the pendulum is too often neglected in our interiors, some clever little ones have found a way to display it in their interior with class. Now, create your own 100% decorative clocks yourself thanks to our 10 ideas snapped up on Pinterest.

Make a pretty two-tone clock

Silence we decorate To make this minimalist clock, you just need a wooden board that you have to cut in circles, a stencil in the shape of a half-moon to spray paint and needles! * Source: // *

Make your animal clock

A Beautiful Mess Putting your animal on your clock can be a very fun game. We can choose any portrait and create duets. We print, we cut and we follow the easy DIY steps. Kitsch 100% assumed and claimed, we love it! * Source: //*

Making the modern version of the Swiss clock

Madame Citron We know that the bird that leaves its cage every hour, but in an outdated version with a rustic look. We nevertheless use this idea to create our own ultra contemporary Swiss clock in pastel tones. Designed mainly in paper, we love it! * Source: // *

Make a cuckoo clock

Handmade Charlotte The hut clock of country houses from a century ago OK, but now ... we forget. Only, we can use the idea and bring it up to date with a super cute print. * Source: //*

Make a domino clock

The Homesteady All families have a box of dominoes lying around in a drawer. If you no longer use them, give them a second life in the form of a pendulum! * Source: // *

Make a clock for kids

Pysselbolaget Keeping children busy is not always an easy task. We found an idea for you; have them make their own clock to learn to tell the time and never be late. And we bet you they will love it! * Source: // *

Make an original clock

Maker Mama Recycle an enamel clock cover, who thought it? Well, do not laugh, it's a great idea, the thickness and the shape gives a perfect minimalist side, and in pastel color, we love it! * Source: //*

Make a moon clock

Bambula Too often in the moon and / or without any notion of time, go on to the production of this pendulum. All you need is a moon image found on the Internet that you print before going on to a few small cutting and assembly steps. Of an unnamed simplicity! * Source: // *

Make a trio of colorful clocks

Brit + co Now it's time to get creative, with its painted clocks on which you can display times from different countries. Cork stencils and trivets will suffice! * Source: //*