Do you like an origami and paper Easter decor?

Do you like an origami and paper Easter decor?

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Here's a creative idea for your ** Easter decoration **: make rabbits, eggs, chickens and other origami and paper flowers in a few folding and cutting rounds! Children will be happy to participate in this fun and economical activity. Ready to get started? Here are ** 10 origami and paper decor ideas **.

A field of flowers and Easter bunnies on the table

Laure Dainty Art If you don't have a garden, these spring ** origami ** will be a perfect illusion to decorate your Easter table. Made from soft colored paper, ** cherry blossoms and small rabbits ** are to be scattered on the table, favoring the white tablecloth to make them stand out better. You can also assemble them in hanging garlands if you think they will take up too much space around the plates.

Multiface Easter eggs for your table decoration

In ART Room Eggs that don't go round? Yes, yes, we fold them ourselves in 3D ** origami ways ** in pretty patterned papers, plain or bicolour. And that gives multifaceted models that look great! The kit to obtain to carry them out includes a model, explanations and papers to print. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you're done!

Easter eggs to hang at your centerpiece

Deco Honey Combs Supplied with a satin ribbon, these ** original eggs ** handcrafted in honeycomb are available in many colors and different sizes. In a large vase, place a few branches and twigs, to which you will hang your paper eggs: you will get a beautiful Easter centerpiece!

The master origami hen

Senbazuru These charming Easter chickens are signed Kunihiko Kasahara, master in the art of ** origami **. If they can be used as egg cups the rest of the year (provided that the paper used is rather thick) they will make original containers for Easter treats. To place on the table to perfect your decoration.

Paper Easter Bunny Goblets

Cranky Cakes Shop Aren't these adorable rabbits with big ears posing on paper cups adorable for the ** Easter table **? We play the game until the end by declining the rabbits, in assorted colors, in plates and napkins, taking care to accompany them, otherwise carrots, decorated eggs and other treats.

Fun origami bunny heads

Saturday Ideas These festive bunny heads are good models to learn about origami. Easy to carry out, you can entrust the task to your child from 5 years. He will be proud to admire his work on D-Day on the Easter table. Choose colored papers that are not too thin, equip yourself with felt-tip pens and stickers and fold to make these fun place cards.

Easter bunnies made from recycled paper

Prunkwerkstatt For a more sober and less colorful decoration, we appreciate this ** Easter bunny ** which will take place on the various pieces of furniture in the house. Made in recyclable kraft paper, it is simply delicately sewn, filled with paper for holding and decorated with a rafia necklace or cord. You can also offer them to your guests, a ** Easter gift ** of the best effect!

Garlands of Easter eggs for table decoration

DC Banners Designs NO / TransparentESDecor They are as simple to make as pretty to look at these ** colorful garlands **! And ideal for brightening up the room where you set up your Easter table! Everyone can be called upon to cut out, from slightly thick paper in the colors of spring, circles like ** Easter eggs **, to be joined together by a wire. It remains to hang them at different heights and the party can begin!

A shower of Easter confetti

Confetti And Cupcake If your ** Easter table ** seems a little austere all dressed in white, this is the idea you found to make it all at once sparkling and festive: Easter confetti made of paper colored, cut into shapes of rabbit, sheep, eggs and baskets. Then you rain it all on your immaculate tablecloth, and you can say that the bells are finally over!


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