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One egg, ten possibilities

One egg, ten possibilities

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Boiled, fried, hard, cooked or poached, there are a thousand and one ways to cook eggs. Thanks to a multitude of clever accessories, you can also give them original shapes, cut them easily, separate the yellow from the white without leaving shells there… To fill up on ideas, we invite you to discover all our finds .

Hard-boiled mussels

Lékué At Lékué, the hard-boiled egg takes its shape as soon as it is cooked thanks to a selection of small silicone molds. In a half-sphere, in a cube or even in the shape of a cupcake, we are a fan of the result! Source:

A silicone egg ring

NOKI Thanks to the silicone rings, you can give your fried eggs all the shapes you want! Snowman, heart, cloud ... bring fun to your plate! Source: Amazon

An egg cutter

Chef'N To make perfectly identical rings, almost impossible to make with a knife, the egg cutter is the essential accessory! Source: Amazon

An egg cooker

e.zicom This vertical egg cooker allows you to concoct delicious kebabs with the condiments of your choice! Ingenious, delicious, let yourself be tempted by the experience. Source: e.zicom

An egg separator

ZeGui Need to separate the yolk from the egg white for one of your recipes? Fastoche with this separator that works by suction! Press and release to extract the yolk. We love ! Source: Amazon

For microwave cooking

Egg Boiler Are you short of gas and can't boil your hard boiled eggs? It does not matter, pass them in the microwave once slipped into this funny container! Source: Amazon

Mussels in the shape of animals

Mathon To add a playful note to your children's plate, adopt these animal-shaped egg molds. Cook your eggs for 9 to 10 minutes, remove the shell while they are still hot and then insert them into the molds. Source: Mathon

Hard-shelled eggs

Temps L Goodbye, shelling hard-boiled eggs with these small plastic containers in which you place the white and yellow directly! Screw on the lid and place the assembly in boiling water for the desired time. Source: Temps L

A square egg

Temps L Shaped in this mold, your eggs take a pretty square shape very original during the presentation! As an aperitif for example, they will cause a sensation! Source: Temps L


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