10 plants to attract bees and butterflies

10 plants to attract bees and butterflies

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On the terrace as in the garden, bees and butterflies who feast on the nectar from your plantations play an essential role in the balance of life. Threatened by urbanization and pesticides, these auxiliary insects are struggling more and more to find the precious pollen they need. So to save the bees and attract the butterflies, here are 10 honey varieties to plant now!

Borage and its many virtues

Flickr A wild flower spread on the country slopes, borage is popular in gardens and planters with a wild or country look. Its pretty blue flowers delight bees, gardeners and lovers of officinal plants who use it for its many well-being virtues.

Thyme (and rosemary)

Wikipedia If you already have a thyme in your aromatic garden, in the vegetable patch or on the balcony, observe how its small flowers attract auxiliary insects. Like rosemary, this aromatic plant helps protect bees: what if we planted an herb garden this weekend on the kitchen window?

Wisteria, so fragrant, to attract bees

Filigree The intoxicating scent of wisteria is a delight for gardeners and auxiliary insects. A great garden classic, this climber takes a while to settle in and then grows vigorously around a pergola or support.

The big summer daisies

Flickr With their yellow hearts and white petals, the summer daisies (maximum Leucanthemum for botanists) offer magnificent landing strips for pollinating insects! All the more reason to indulge yourself by planting a beautiful bed in your garden or a large pot on your sunny terrace…

Lavender, the beekeeper's friend

Wikipedia The scent of lavender attracts all the bees around, who come to taste its very abundant nectar. Lavender honey, pale yellow, is one of the finest. So to fill bees and beekeepers, we do not hesitate to plant lavender on the balcony, the terrace and the window sill!

The mauves, naturally beautiful If mauves please bees, they also appeal to lovers of simple, natural and colorful flowers. Very rustic (they resist down to -25 ° C!), The mauves are growing from year to year and flourish in all sunny gardens.

Snapdragons or "wolf mouths"

Flickr Nicknamed "wolf's mouth" in certain regions, the snapdragon deserves to be rediscovered for its colorful and original flowers. Very easy to cultivate in any type of soil, the snapdragons are drought-tolerant and reseed themselves the following year. Perfectly suited for growing in planters, they attract bees and bumblebees.

Hollyhock, for a holiday look With their huge stems and fuchsia-pink corollas, hollyhocks grow easily in country gardens, along walls and sidewalks. All summer long, they give your garden a little holiday air and attract bees in search of nectar…

Shrub sage

Pépinières de Kerzarc'h Very melliferous, sage is also extremely decorative and easy to grow. In the garden, they form large, colorful and delicately scented beds. On the balcony or window sill, the sage grows easily in pots and allows you to compose small country bouquets for the home…