Put everything under cover!

Put everything under cover!

Whether it is to protect your precious objects or to display your collections for all to see, the glass dome will put your best decorative pieces on a pedestal and promises beautiful displays. Plants, candles, lights, books, butterflies, vintage globes ... Everything goes under the hood for a nice atmosphere of modern cabinet of curiosities.

Brighter garlands under their glass dome

The pretty shop The lights also deserve to be put on a pedestal. The trick to recycle all year round thin Christmas lights? Place them under a dome with a nice wooden base. The projected light will be increased tenfold since reflected by the glass! A winning association.

The decoration under a bell? An electrifying idea

Nordal If DIY doesn't scare you and you have some notions of electricity, you can easily create a design-looking light by simply placing a light bulb ... under a bell! Smart and very decorative!

A pineapple star of decoration under a bell

Maisons du Monde Rock decoration star since last year, the pineapple has not said its last word. To make your pineapple the essential decorative accessory for summer, place it under a glass bell. It is an original way to integrate it into your decor.

An elegant candle in its glass bell

Maisons du Monde In addition to being decorative, a glass bell is the best way to keep the delicate scents of your favorite candle (when it does not burn to perfume your living room of course). Under a dome, the candle takes on the appearance of a precious object that one barely dares to touch at the risk of breaking it.

Vintage relics

Blossom flea market Once out of the flea markets, vintage terrestrial globes come back to life under glass domes, even if they become relics in their own right. Ideally, opt for a bell with a wooden base that has lived and cachet. Vintage spirit guaranteed!

Books under cover, the decorative asset!

Wedding best day ever Good news: old books will no longer stagnate in the bottom of your attic! Help them find their letters of nobility by placing them under a beautiful and large glass bell. The best way to make museum pieces to contemplate ... or read.

Flight suspended under a bell

Royal art palace If the atmosphere of cabinets of curiosities fascinates you, these butterflies in a bell should please you. Indispensable accessories for old research cabinets and botanists, butterflies are finding a second youth under cover. True works of art to contemplate, and which no longer risk flying away at the slightest gust of wind.

A fan under a bell

Maisons du monde Fans are gaining in popularity and are collected at will. Usually exposed to the walls, they now go under a bell to be observed from all angles, 360 °. This new way of presenting his discoveries will be emulated among informed collectors.

A gourmet bell

PepperberryMarket Gluttony is an ugly flaw, or a precious jewel, of your choice. We opt for the second option by placing cupcakes and pastries under raised bells. Out of the reach of the smallest gourmets, sweet delicacies are sheltered from all compulsive urge, and become the most beautiful decorative accessories in the kitchen.