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A living room, several spaces

A living room, several spaces

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Our interiors have adapted to our desires for ever more open spaces to provide practicality and light. The living room, the room in which we spend most of our time, is invested with several functions with the arrangement of an office area or even an open kitchen to spend convivial moments. Here are some ideas to compose your stay in the image of your lifestyle.

Small living room

Alinéa In small rooms, you compose your living room with a dining table and a small kitchen area. However, we keep a solid color on the wall to make the room one and the same space.

Play area

Ikea Today children are no longer obliged to play each in their bedroom. For a good time with the family, we have set up a space of their own in the living room with a multitude of storage spaces in which they can slide all their toys.

Corner office

Ikéa Thanks to some smart storage solutions, a very practical office area is organized in the living room. The little extra of this arrangement: it is possible to hide everything once the working day is over.

A library to separate

Paragraph To delimit a living room from a bedroom without putting a partition, we put on a large storage unit that we place in the middle of the room. It is accessorized with several colored objects to make a very decorative separation.

Open kitchen

Mobalpa To spend convivial moments with family or not to lose a crumb of your guests during a dinner, bet on a fully open kitchen. Little advice to harmonize the decor: choose for example a coffee table in the same color as the kitchen furniture.

Night space

Ikéa To create a sleeping area in the living room, we can also play with the use of curtains which will camouflage a small bed. So that they harmonize with the room, we choose them in the same tones and same patterns as the fabrics and cushions of the sofa.

Open wall section

Mobalpa So that the kitchen is not completely open to the living room, we put on this arrangement which mixes a storage wall and a small opening composed of a bar. Thus arranged, the living room retains all its privacy.

Back to back

Dulux Valentine To isolate oneself without locking oneself up is the watchword of this office installed in the living room. Once placed in a corner of the room, you can enhance the privacy of your workspace with a screen that can unfold only during the day.

The kitchen in the living room

Dulux Valentine Lover of large rooms, this kitchen lounge is for you. To bring the two spaces together, we play on a solid color of the walls, while cutting with mismatched furniture for a very successful decoration.


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