10 gourmet poster ideas to decorate the kitchen

10 gourmet poster ideas to decorate the kitchen

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We do not always think of dressing the walls of the kitchen ... Wrongly, especially when it is arranged so as to spend time there. We can give a sacred pep to the room by taking care of the wall decoration with original posters, in a theme all found! Here are 10 rather greedy ways to decorate your kitchen with posters.

Food photography for the kitchen wall decor

TheParisPrintShop - Etsy The baguette, a national symbol, strikes a pose on the kitchen walls! The famous tradition baguette is immortalized in this classic but effective photo, which tickles the nostrils. Because you could almost smell the crumbs out of the oven. Posting it in your kitchen is also a good reminder: remember to take the bread.

The poster that recalls the rules in the kitchen Who comes to the kitchen has to behave well! This poster in the form of a sticker recalls with humor some fundamentals for children who would tend to let themselves go, at the table, at mealtime. If you no longer want to use your saliva to recall the fundamentals, a finger pointing to the rule in question will now suffice.

A brewing of posters for the kitchen

Redcruiser - Etsy When you receive, you are never sure of your choices in terms of beer and food pairings? These pretty drawings will now advise you, and your guests will always be well received. The India Pale Ale with a good burger, a Porter for desserts. And with your cookies? A milk beer of course!

A Scandinavian poster to showcase the kitchen!

Red Hill - Etsy This minimalist and retro poster brings cheerfulness to the kitchen. Orange is a bit of a cooking sun isn't it? Especially at breakfast time, this pretty poster is sure to put you in a good mood. Especially in winter! But you can change your wall decoration each season, since there are different versions of this decorative poster.

A vintage menu for the wall decoration of your kitchen

Upstairs Cats - Etsy Are you nostalgic for a historic restaurant where you had your habits / dream of having your habits? This is a nice way to highlight an old gastronomic souvenir on a rather dark wall of the kitchen. It is also an effective way to put yourself a little pressure when you go behind the stove: but do not worry, your kitchen is undoubtedly worthy of a great restaurant!

A colorful bar sign for a pop wall decor in the kitchen

Broc and Pop - Etsy Of course it is not a question of opening a drinking establishment but rather of winking at Andy Warhol and your guests, to whom you will offer in your kindness to drink and eat it when you will receive them! This kitchen poster also has the advantage of providing you with a shopping list for reception days.

A botanical poster to bring the kitchen wall decor to the green

Miles of light As aesthetic as it is fun, the memo poster of common aromatic herbs has a place in the kitchen! Certainly in English, but it is an opportunity to enrich the vocabulary of the whole family. Now it's up to you to make beautiful demonstrations of the use of these herbs in cooking.

A poster in the kitchen as a sommelier?

Desenio Certainly you will not know all the secrets of red wine with a single poster, but this digest has the merit of revising the classics. Better, it tickles our curiosity in terms of wines, French and foreign. All in sobriety, this wall decoration will seduce amateurs.

A message poster for an original kitchen This dazzling poster, with its modern and graphic look, humorously takes the opposite view from the old expression. Because no, it's not "the end of the beans". And then the carrots, it makes them pleasant, all the more reason to integrate them into the kitchen wall decoration!


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