Palette of vitamin paints for summer

Palette of vitamin paints for summer

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Summer has arrived, colored with warm, sunny hues from head to toe. A vitamin palette that is good for morale and with which we do not hesitate to repaint the house. Yellow, red or orange, it's up to you!

Flashy orange

Leroy Merlin ### Like the wardrobe, the house allows itself flashy shades in summer. With a tart orange on the doors, their framing and that of the windows, the mood has never been so sparkling!

Chili red

Leroy Merlin ### Because summer has something spicy, why not spice up the house with a burning red? Here, the wall leading upstairs plays the game!

Yellow lemon

Leroy Merlin ### By tinting a lemon yellow color, the bedroom and bathroom doors bring a delicious tart freshness into the hallway!

Papaya orange

Leroy Merlin ### The living room wall is covered with a beautiful orange from floor to ceiling to bring the good summer mood into the house. Gorgeous !

Bright red

Leroy Merlin ### In the living room, a flat red color on the wall facing the sofa awakens the atmosphere…

Yellow chick

Tollens ### To lighten the interior gently, chick yellow is an excellent ally…

Mango yellow

Tollens ### Calm and warm at the same time, this yellow zwingue the walls of the living room with subtlety. A real ray of sunshine.