How to clean your blender in 20 seconds?

How to clean your blender in 20 seconds?

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This is the time when never to take out your blender: the first juicy fruits and our stomach are waiting for that! If you hesitate to use this appliance because you hate having to clean it, I have a magic solution. An express method which requires only 20 seconds of work, which avoids dismantling your blender and which is super efficient. Let's go for the demonstration!

Step 1: dirty your blender

Household appliance Before cleaning your blender, let's get it dirty! With the warm weather coming back, it's an opportunity to go from invigorating soups to creamy smoothies.

Step 2: note the damage

Household appliances So we take the blender out of the closet and try some amazing mixes like almond milk / avocado / mango juice. Once the drink is poured into your glass, you wonder if it was really a good idea given the condition of the blender bowl.

Step 3: rinse immediately

Household appliances The secret to properly cleaning your blender is above all not to postpone the cleaning step until the next day. Before even bringing the glass to your mouth, pass the bowl of the blender under the water and rinse the first time.

Step 4: add washing up liquid

Household appliances Fill the blender bowl with water halfway up, then add a little washing-up liquid. Remember my homemade dishwashing liquid which didn't lather a lot! For once, the little foam will serve us since it will prevent overflows.

Step 5: maximum power!

Household appliance Put your bowl back on the blender, close the lid well (very important) then launch it at maximum speed for ten seconds.

Step 6: empty the soapy water

Household appliances When the ten seconds have elapsed, empty the soapy water from the blender in your sink. We immediately see that the bottom of the bowl is impeccable.

Step 7: a second rinse

Household appliances Put water back in its bowl to remove the last soap residues and clean the remaining traces.

Step 8: the top of the bowl

Household appliances If this method is very effective for the bottom of the bowl, it can still be improved for the upper part of the blender. It is then necessary to finish the work by passing a clean sponge on the edge.

Step 9: and the cover?

Household appliances Unfortunately the cover also escapes this express cleaning but if you have followed the instructions to clean immediately after the carnage, this should not be very complicated. As for the top of the blender bowl, a sponge stroke should suffice.

Step 10: admire the result

Household appliances The method of soapy water passed through the blender is really effective is fast. I particularly appreciate the fact that I do not have to disassemble the bowl so I do not handle the blade. Effective and risk-free cleaning!