10 inspirations for odds and ends in the living room

10 inspirations for odds and ends in the living room

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Mix of recovered finds, deco decor, diverted objects and various ideas, the style of odds and ends has the power to move us. To pay tribute to the trend, we have put together a selection of 10 salons where objects and heterogeneous furniture are mixed. Discover in pictures the odds and ends decoration!

A living room decor for fans of the 1950s

Studio Mariekke In this beautiful living room with decoration signed by the Mariekke studio, we play on strong pieces of vintage furniture to bring joy to the room. Armchair with armrests, vintage objects, retro fridge and world map assume the soft mixture of styles and colors. Here the odds and ends decoration revives the charm of the 1950s in the living room. Source

A flea market style to the bottom!

Leroy Merlin Assembling and modulating wooden boxes to create a flea market decor in the house, this is the idea of ​​this vintage-inspired bookcase that has no shortage of storage niches. Perfect for displaying the latest finds from the garage sale, flea market or flea market!

A living room decoration of odds and ends, broc, brut and blue…

Leroy Merlin This living room epitomizes the decoration of odds and ends highlighted by the association of raw materials, blue tones and objects with a flea market spirit. The split leather sofa, the zellige effect wall panel, the workshop ladder, the industrial chairs, the strap mirror and the old cameras placed in the decor as if nothing had happened… All the elements communicate in perfect harmony!

Home vintage home

Flea Market Lab / H&M Home We continue with two staging of interiors with a strong character. On the left, the terrace has a garden table damaged by time and a metal chair with a retro design. Right, the living room plays the chic and inexpensive card by combining vintage furniture and textiles with graphic patterns… And it works!

Flea market charm and minimalist design for the living room decor

Bosthlm This living room bathed in light mixes the charm of the flea market with the purity of minimalism. A perfectly mastered mix of genres that offers a wiser interpretation of odds and ends. If by chance you are wondering what color to associate with the flea market style, here is the beginning of an answer in pictures. We're a fan!

Vintage sun for a fair of odds and ends

Castorama Boldness is in the spotlight in this lounge which desecrates the vintage side of the flea market style by combining old-style furniture with yellow sun. Furniture in the seventies spirit, diverted pie pans and houseplants are awakened by the graphic patterns of the paint and wallpaper. There is joy!

A heterogeneous lounge with the charm of the informal

Ikea Side table, mesh storage, wooden crates, rocking chair, plaids, retro table, musical instruments and other curiosities with the charm of the informal coexist happily in the decor of this living room which draws its tongue from conventions. If this decor was a film, it would be the Spanish Inn!

A bright idea for a decoration of odds and ends in the living room

Ikea These pewter candlesticks from the flea market offer a makeover with this creative (and bright!) Idea spotted at Ikea. The little extra? Play on the contrast of shapes to accentuate the odds and ends…

The imprint of time in a vintage living room

Our Vintage Home Love Recycled coffee table mounted on casters, TV stand from China, dining room with a family home feel and shelves left in their own juice. In this living room, each piece bears the imprint of time and tells a story. The decor turns into a memory box… Source


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