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New trends for wallpaper!

New trends for wallpaper!

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In preparation for the start of the new school year, A3P (the Association for the Promotion of Wallpaper) is revealing the new trends that will come to your home through wallpaper. On the program: original wallpapers that flirt with extravagant colors and patterns.


Sedim-Marburg The wallpaper takes on slight reliefs which allow it to better deceive the eye. A new dimension then opens up to walls that take on depth!

New geisha

Graham & Brown The wallpapers of this season cleverly mix tradition and modernity in a Japanese style. The walls then invite a certain appeasement thanks to the Zen touch that emerges.

Japanese flowers

Erismann The favorite patterns of the New Geisha style are flowers in all their forms in delicate Japanese inspirations as drawn in pencil.

Back to Memphis

Graham & Brown The new wallpapers are also very graphic with patterns loaded with geometry or line drawings. The wall becomes a work of art and becomes the central decorative space of the room.

Zen Archi

Lutece The wallpaper continues to deceive you! Indeed, today it imitates all natural materials, from wood to stone for a decor more real than life. You will be amazed!

Folk Design

A3P The Scandinavian folk style is reinterpreted and lets appear simple and naive designs. Again, we oscillate between tradition and modernity for a wallpaper that is installed both in the countryside and in the city.

Children's Folk

Montecolino And children also have the right to their folk wallpaper in bright colors that are sure to brighten up the room. Little girls will love this very girly model!

Black light

Sedim-Marburg Black is still a trend in the home. And for this season, the dark wallpaper is dressed in strange patterns. The atmosphere becomes mysterious throughout the house.