2013 Ikéa Collection: 10 bedroom universes to be discovered urgently

2013 Ikéa Collection: 10 bedroom universes to be discovered urgently

Faced with the thrilling summer that awaits us, none of us are in a hurry to arrive at the next school year. But when it comes to diving into universes of bedrooms as beautiful as they are cozy, we are easily tempted ... One thing is certain, you will not regret this little overview 100% made in Ikea, from the 2013 catalog. brand new slideshow, brimming with romantic, masculine, pop or contemporary linens and chewable patterns. Although available from the start of the new school year, it is our real favorite before summer!


Ikéa ### Still in the "Madame Rêve" category, this second bedroom stands out behind a soft palette of powdery shades and a rich blend of floral and grid prints that remind us of those of English cottages.

Country chic

Ikéa ### The ambiance of Norman manors watches over the room thanks to this divine accumulation of sleeping bags adorned with flowering patterns on the bed. It is the flower power of the fields.


Ikéa ### The feminine / retro chapter ends with this flowered bedroom from head to toe, waltzing between delicate white and pink nuances. Difficult not to succumb to it!


Ikéa ### By allowing itself a little explorer-adventurer look, Monsieur's bedroom takes a turn that is both cozy and refined. The key words of the decor? Marriage of blue and brown colors, Scottish prints and multiplication of travel accessories; such as a world map cushion or compass patterns. We join!


Ikéa ### Because it is difficult to escape the coveted nature trend, here is a room rocked under this badge! A little Scandinavian, it blends into a white and wooded color chart and bias for controlled minimalism.


Ikéa ### A little ethnic air lurks in this room, itself bewitched by a satin blue and with tribal motifs barely highlighted. The idea? Play the "travel" card without falling into the total look.


Ikéa ### The Tangerine Tango, a flashy orange tinged with red, elected color of the year 2012, would it have inspired this room with pop accents? Anyway, we already love this subtle blood orange and white marriage which reveals a very contemporary chic around the sleeping corner.


Ikéa ### The secret of this room? Use circular patterns on the bed linen to awaken the purple softness of the decor. We already see ourselves curling up there next season.


Ikéa ### Bold mix of apple green furniture and purple stripes on the bed linen. Resolutely dapper and contemporary.