DIY: 18 do-it-yourself birthday invitations

DIY: 18 do-it-yourself birthday invitations

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Is your little one's birthday coming soon? It may be time to think about making your invitations! This year, make way for originality with a pretty homemade and truly unique card unearthed on Pinterest. Here are our 18 favorites, which, we are sure, will have a little effect with your child's comrades.

A happy rainbow

Mr Printables To make this funny invitation, start by printing the models of the rainbow, the envelope and the clouds. Then follow step by step the tutorial to achieve your effect! * Source: Mr Printables *

Small cardboard balloons

Hellobee To make this sweet card, cut small balloons out of red cardstock, add a string, mention all the information relating to the party and put it all in a pretty envelope! * Source: Hellobee *

A fruity invitation

Les Moustachoux For a birthday on the merchant / dinette theme, prepare delicious fruits as an invitation. The idea is to wrap them in a pretty personalized fruit bag for a super successful result! * Source: Les Moustachoux *

A dinosaur egg

Oh Happy Day Your little blond heads will love giving their friends these shells which contain, in addition to a dinosaur, the invitation to their birthday party. * Source: Oh Happy Day *

A 3D invitation

Mr Printables A 3D house as an invitation? So take a look at the great tutorial found on the Mr Printables blog. Delightful ! * Source: Mr Printables *

A (not really) threatening crocodile

Lisa Tilse With a few sheets of green paper, felt-tip pens, glue and a pair of scissors, give your invitations a funny crocodile look. * Source: Tuts + *

Harry Potter owl

One Creative Mommy If your little one is a fan of the Harry Potter universe, make invitations for them on their favorite theme. Our idea? Draw the face of the famous Hedwig white owl on a helium-filled balloon and attach the invitation to a string! * Source: One Creative Mommy *

A Star Wars invitation

The Contemplative Creative If on the contrary, he prefers the world of Star Wars, make an invitation that takes up the writing and the colors (black and gold) of the famous saga signed George Lucas. * Source: The Contemplative Creative *

A cute ladybug Thanks to a simple Parisian tie, this little ladybug comes alive to reveal all the information concerning your child's birthday. * Source: *

A birthday party on the theme of the Snow Queen

My Mother's Blog To make these invitations worthy of the movie Frozen, cut out two large flakes from blue paper and stick them on a wooden stick so as to form a baguette. * Source: My Mom Blog *

Gourmet ice cream

Squirrelly Minds Print ice cream on cardboard, add some delicious glitter in a bag, write the date, address and time of the meeting and put them in an envelope. * Source: Squirrelly Minds *

Cat paws

Fête Gazette Too cute, these little cat paws that are likely to appeal more to little girls than to little boys! * Source: Fête Gazette *

My invitation in Lego

Little Family Fun The Legos haven't aged a bit, and our kids love them! So why not prepare some pretty birthday invitations for them with one of their favorite toys? * Source: Little Family Fun *

A necklace to taste

Willowday To slip a little surprise into your invitations, add a gourmet necklace on the printed character you have chosen. The guests will love it! * Source: Willowday *

Little monsters in the envelopes

Crazy Little Projects Print the shape of your colorful cards, cut it out, add animated eyes, and let your children admire these funny little monsters! * Source: Crazy Little Projects *

A balloon to inflate!

Mon Bébé Chéri So that your guests can read the information for your little party properly, let them know that they haven't blown the ball! * Source: Mon Bébé Chéri *

A honeycomb ball

Studio DIY Once cut out and your message set up, this invitation made with honeycomb paper turns into a small decorative ball. Surprising! * Source: Studio DIY *

Cotton candy invitations

Oh Happy Day Roll your message in a small colored cone then add cotton to give the result the appearance of a cotton candy. Soft and refined, we're a fan! * Source: Oh Happy Day *

An invitation mounted on a spring

Oh Happy Day Thanks to a spring system, bring up your invitation and some confetti when you open your tube-envelope. You can find all the explanations on one of our favorite blogs: Oh Happy Day! * Source: Oh Happy Day *


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